Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I need to get a nap after this......I have been yawning the morning away. Did not do much, supposed to take nap after sending both kids away, but could not get an eye shut. So instead, I follow hubby out. First, went to view a second hand car for his uncle who is interested in 4-wheels vehicle. Then had breakfast with him at Hui Sing.

Now we are in hubby's office, he is talking to customers on some properties in Kuching while I am online. I wonder how long I could hold myself. We would definitely stayed in office till lunch time and then sending off the customers to bus station later. Sigh!


eugene said...

surf the internet, a cup of coffee, dont read the news,and listen to some great music, blog hoping and mmmmmmmmmmm what else let me think..... go internet shopping ,,,

ok close your eyes now, nap for a while, take care now and god bless

~ "C" a.k.a. Wonder Wifey said...

Hi Rose! That makes you my sister zombie, hahaha. Thanks for always coming to visit. I just have been busy lately. Too busy and tired to even comment. But I appreciate it!