Thursday, April 29, 2010

Deal with teething

I am down with cough and flu.....again!

I was knocked out yesterday, slept almost the whole day and found myself wide awake in the middle of the night. It did not help much with Baby Jay being a 8 months old baby just have his first 2 teeth coming out from his bottom gum.

Baby Jay has fever twice; once last week and once early this week. After few intake of panadol, he is getting well. However noticed that he loves to put everything into his mouth. Teething is not a small issue for young babies, it tends to give babies discomfort and grumpiness. And what can parents do to make their babies comfortable? Here are some tips I read and hope it could help other parents with teething babies. It helps mine; not totally but minimise the discomfort my baby has.

1. Boil and then freese a facecloth/napkin. These are easy for babies to handle and easy for mums to store. Let babies suck the facecloth/napkin.

2. I don't know about other babies, my Baby Jay loves hard stuff. He does not fancy the soft teether, so I gave him a silver spoon. Like the facecloth, I place a silver spoon into the freezer for a while before giving to Baby Jay. It soothes the gum. Just don't leave your baby alone with the spoon.

3. Is your baby not eating the way she used to? Teething may be the reason. Baby Jay started to drink less milk since he has his teething, however he takes small meals of white porridge. Sometimes he hardly eat or drink for a day, but the following day his appetite cames back. Try giving your baby a gum massage before mealtimes, nursing or the bottle. Missing a couple of meals is not a disaster, but if she continues to say no for a day or so, you must contact your doctor.

4. Gripewater is known for relieving colic as well as effective for teething. Although it may not eliminate the teething pains, it can help out with tummy upset that often accompanies it.


lvynana said...

Thanks for the tips, my son Emmett has not got any teeth just yet.

mNhL said...

Will the silver spoon be too hard on his gum? I gave both my kids Grip water too...Till now, I still got half a bottle.

Nick Phillips said...

Get well soon :D

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!