Friday, April 9, 2010

Into the sauna

In this hot weather, all I could think of is cold drink. Who not? Too hot to do much, too hot to go outdoor. But nothing could stop me from tasting this Sarawak Special Three-layers Tea in Sin Chong Choon cafe, Green Heights this morning. It is one of the famous cafe around, every day never empty. This place is always full with patrons, ordering toasts, laksa, kolo mee, kampua and other local delicacies. I enjoy my kolo mee and toasts here. As for the laksa I still prefer the original one in the old Chong Choon cafe in Jalan Abell.

For the whole week I have been following hubby (more or less like hubby drove me around to do my stuff) for breakfast before we did our stuff. Yes, I follow hubby meeting his customers and associates. More like his personal secretary. Lol! But it great to learn something from him in regards to his project. Since I am "unemployed" for time being, I decided to learn more about properties investment from him.

Back to my breakfast, since I am back from KL, this is my first time having breakfast in Green Heights. Before I went to KL, there is no need for any parking coupons, but since constructing one parking coupons booth there, we have to put on the 20cents coupon. Geez, not many free parking places around Kuching anymore. In Sin Chong Choon, I am craving for its 3-layers tea. A great drink for a hot day. It is simply tasty and quenching my thirst, and usually I would order 2 glasses, but it is rather fattening and sweet. So 1 glass was enough for me this morning.

It is hot day but sometimes this crazy weather can make people go crazy. And for me, it is food! I could think of nothing but food. Must be too much times to spare, so all I could think of is food. What to cook, dinner's menu etc. Yes, I am back into housewife position once more. Lol! So today, I made some stuffed meat toufu. I still think minced pork, dried prawns and mushrooms are the great combination for a stuffed toufu. So if you fancy some simple yet delicious appetizer, you can just deep-fried some stuffed toufu. Everyone in the family love it!

Happy weekend everyone! Cheers!


mNhL said...

aiyo...the 3 layered tea look so delicious. Your home-made stuffed taufu look so appetizing.

lvynana said...

I like the teh c peng at 7th mile.

smallkucing said...

wow 3 layer tea. I like

Mummy Gwen said...

The tea is so special. Must real good.

Your stuffed tofu looks so yummy. Happy Weekend to you!