Saturday, April 24, 2010

A second hand

We went to few used car dealer shops this week. Hubby is helping an uncle who is looking for a 4-wheel drive. And it tempted me to buy one myself. A second hand car (Mazda) for only RM20,000. Well, it looks good from what I can see but not so sure on the condition of the car parts. Maybe I have to get advice from my dad. He himself just bought a second hand Harrier, which still look brand new inside out.



I still have my old girl; she is still in good condition. And I do not have money allocated for a new car.

On another note, I was clearing some old baby clothing for a friend. A friend is going to deliver next month so she is asking for baby clothing. Since I am planning to "close factory", I might as well give the stuff away. The new baby needs them more. And how much storage container I have save from all those clearing......Yes, can store books and other stuff into them; to be moved to new house later.


wenn said...

i still prefer to use my old car as i hv maintained it very well.

email or call 0168464073 for quote said...

I am also tempted to buy a new car..the kia forte and city is really tempting...deana

mNhL said...

My newborn clothings are all 2nd hand. Only bought 1 pair new cloths for their full moon celebration. Baby grow up too fast. hehe