Thursday, April 22, 2010

Into the MLM world

MLM is nothing new to most of you. Almost everyone is either directly or indirectly involved or link to any MLM corporation. MLM which is synonymous with direct selling is like a magic itself. MLM is nothing but copycat and duplication of networks.

In my previous company I have joined a famous MLM company. I like its products but never keen on expanding my network and thought of obtaining financial freedom from it. The plan is perfect but it needs hard work. I were not a sales person. My upline kept pushing me, and getting me to attend talks but that time I did not see the potential and urge to push forward. Talking about the marketing plan and doing network was way above my league. I still join this company and used some of its products.

Hubby is another person that I knew involved in few MLM companies. It is not like he wants to, but forced to. Just to "help" a friend, he said. Lol! How many of you telling me that you join direct selling willingly??? Elken, Melelia, are some of the direct selling companies he joined. And every months I could received up to 5 direct selling catalogues for him. Just 6 months ago, he was introduced to another direct selling company. Cosway!

Yes, and that how I am involved into the business. I am back into MLM. Recently Cosway started to spread its wing to opening more retail shops around Malaysia and we are one of the store operators that applying for the retail shop operation. So for the past 6 months I have been busy with the application, interview and training. Some blogger friends were wondering what I am doing currently, so that is what I have been busy about. Getting ready for the shop. It is a long procedure but hopefully everything will be finalised by next month.

So if you do not see me much around the blogging world, you know what I am busy about. Guys, wish me luck okay?


wenn said...

i was once in MLM for Fitline. Now i just consume the products with a few of my friends only. i was keen but don't hv the time.

2crazydogs said...

I'm with EExcel now and my upline kept reminding me how good a business is if I give it a go. But here where I live, not many angmohs are into its products. So I just consume the products and hopefully one day I will get the business going.

Good luck with your business, Rose.

mNhL said...

All the best to you!

My dad used to be invovle in direct selling too (more on vitamins) and he earns more than his monthly salary. He is now a retiree and stop the direct selling job too. He wants to relax and travel.