Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A fruitful day

I thought KL is hot, but it is the same weather in Kuching. Every day sunny and hot. Just that we have a shower in the afternoon to cool down the temperature a bit but it did not help much. My 2 kids were complaining of the weather. Little gal demanded to be bathed in the evening, while my Baby Jay was perspiring and wet with sweat. Some more both kids are not feeling well. My daughter is recovering from her cough since last Friday while baby is down with flu yesterday. Again the bad bugs are spreading from one to another. Sigh!

This morning, I went to register my company at the Registration Office. Luckily not many people, so it just took less than 5 minutes to have everything checked and paid. However it will take 2 weeks to have the trade license ready, so I guess for the next 2 weeks I will have nothing much to do. I wonder why it takes so long to get the license? Since I cannot have the license, I would not be able to register for phone lines, and open bank accounts. Sigh!

At the same time, I submitted my and hubby's income tax forms. Have you done so? Deadline is coming soon. I only work about 3 months last year so I am exempted from paying income tax, while hubby paying around RM180. The Income Tax Office is also not packed so the queues are very smooth and fast. Last year I did my submission nearing to deadline so it was an hour waiting for my turn in the payment counter. I did enrol the online registration but I forgot the password. S**t! I did jot it down somewhere but I do not know where I jot it. So this year, I submitted manually to the office. Meantime I will have to search through my book shelf for online password.

Would you believe it? After many months of not cooking, finally this afternoon I took the time to cook for the family. Well, at least I felt my cooking did not deserted me. Lol! Nothing fancy, just a salted vegetable soup, steamed egg custard, and a vegetable dish. So more homecook for me and family. I putting on weight and bulges in KL, so need to take care of my food intake. I am currently having supplement for detoxification. So far I see some result, especially my bowel movement. *wink* Another friend recommended me and hubby to try a 40-days healthy meal, i.e. taking 2 meals a day which are breakfast and dinner. However more fruits and vegetables and cut down on carbohydrate. I wonder we have that determination or not. *wink*


mNhL said...

Aaaa..cutting down on food is very difficult for me! LOL. I cannot tolerate not eating my fav. food.

lvynana said...

Haven't done my income tax yet, just dont like to do it.