Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I am doing it for nobody but you

When I reached home last week, my going-to-be-4 daughter gave me a big kiss and sang and danced a song in front of me. I missed a lot during the 2 weeks. She learnt to sing "Nobody But You"! That was touching, if you watch how she dances. She only knows the chorus part. Her aunt taught her the song. I should have recorded it. See if she would like to do it again and I shall record it for you. Lol!

Been away from my children, I have grown to appreciate them more. Missed their laughters, cries, kisses, chattiness, naughtiness and gestures. Sometimes at night, I thought of them and I cried myself to sleep. *wink* I guess that is the sacrifice I have to make in order to achieve my dream.

A tough decision I am making now but I know I am doing it for the sake of my family especially my 2 children. I prayed that I will go through this stage smoothly and nothing will stop me from achieve what I have been dreaming off.

People asked me "Do you think it is worth doing it?", "Don't you think you will spend less time with your family?". Yes, I know it is tough and what I am going through would be tough but one thing I am pretty sure. My family will support me. What ever I do, I know my hubby will support me. It may be tough especially this year but once I have settle down I will be able to divert my priority back to my family again. *wink*


mNhL said...

All the best to you! Yes...when away from the kids, we miss them so much. When they are with us all the while, sometimes, really making us want to throw them out from the window. haha

Nick Phillips said...

We all want to do the best for our families :D