Friday, April 23, 2010

All the way

Distance is not an issue when it comes to good food. And I really mean it. You can say we are "giving face" to a friend who just operate a Foochow specialty stall in Batu Kawa, but if you are looking for good Foochow food, the drive is worth it.

Chin Yuan Yuan coffee shop is just after the big bridge in Batu Kawa. Our friend just rented a stall for its kampua, mee sua and kong pia business. The kampua and mee sua are great but what I really like to recommend is its kong pia.

Minced meat filled kongpia, RM0.70 per piece. The kong pia size may not that desirable but it is sure crunchy and tasty. I don't remember tasting a great kong pia in Kuching. So you must give it a try.

After our tasty Foochow breakfast yesterday morning, we went to our new house in MJC since it is on the way back. We got the keys from the developer the day before and gosh! There are some minor rectification need to be done from the developer's side, like the leaking ceiling in our car pouch, wet paint on the wall in our main bedroom and the hollow in one of the stairs. So they need to make good before final handover to us. The neighbour next door is also doing some renovation, so I guess they would be moving in soon. Hmm, before I am busy with my shop, I will do some hunting and planning for my house first! Oh dear! Busy me!


mNhL said...

Wow....Exciting. New job, new house and hunting for new furniture?

Cynthia said...

before you start to find any reno, make sure you have fully utilise the 6 months warranty from the developer. Since your neighbour is doing reno, it will be good for you to keep an eye on any leakage. All the best in your new home and new job!

eugene said...

Congrat,, everything new for you, you know actually you can something tell how happy a person is by just reading what he or she has writes,,, and i can safely say that i can find on happy soul here,,,,,,,

seriously, you must check the defects that are still borned by developer,, but then again how come it is only 6 months, not 2 years or threee,,,,

all the best, god bless