Monday, May 4, 2009

Two places in one day

Morning: Pasir Pandak

In regardless of my sore throat, I enjoyed myself over the weekend with my family. It is spontaneous and we did not really plan what we wanted to do over the weekend. We just decided the night before that we wanted to go to the beach for some swim and sand.

So four of us including my SIL set off from the house around 6.30am. Before the 35-40 minutes trip to Pasir Pandak, we stopped by Thompson Corner for breakfast. We reached our destination before 8am. No other people on the beach when we reached there and the sun was pretty hot at such time. I were the camerawoman, while SIL in charge of teaching little gal on how to play with her new beach toy. Hubby?? He couldn't resist jumping into the water!! We stayed for about an hour. We reached home around 10.00am with sands on our bodies as there is no changing or bath room in Pasir Pandak.

This beach was the very spot me and hubby had our wedding photographs taken 5 years ago. After that, I never stepped on this beach again until now. And this time, we brought our little gal along and I am very much pregnant to visit this beautiful beach. Lol! Unfortunately, it is very pitiful to see that such beautiful beach is not well maintained; rubbish thrown by irresponsible people on the sand and no one to keep clean of the beach. Probably sooner or later, this beach will be turned into private property and we may need to pay to enter the beach. Sigh!!

Afternoon: Serikin

Just when we get our feet to rest after a trip to Pasir Pandak, we got a call from hubby's cousin. Hubby's cousin asked us to be her tour guide to Serikin as she wanted to get some Malay fabrics for baju kurung. She has never been to Serikin before so wanted us to drive her there. Serikin is a place after Bau where you can say it is a border line between Malaysia and Indonesia. So it is not a surprise to see that most traders are Indonesians.

Since it has been long we visited Serikin, we agreed to bring hubby's cousin there. So we departed from our house around 1.00pm. It was about an hour or more drive, I forgot to keep time as the roads are pretty bumpy there. You can say it was a tiring drive for a pregnant lady like me to sit in the car for over an hour.

After paid our parking ticket of RM2.00, we walked the market till the end. Overall about an hour walk. Just when we walked back to our car around 4.00pm, a heavy rain came down and we have to put on shelter in one cafe for a while. Everyone was scrambling for shelter and traders hurrily took hold of and packed their goods. Just when the rain was slightly smaller, we continued our walk to our car.

Did I buy anything?? Yes, a pair of handmade fans (RM5.00) and a pair of sandal (RM8.00). Overall, the items in Serikin are not considered cheap. Plus the petrol, time of going there and not forgetting the hot weather you have to tolerate, it is not worth to travel to Serikin unless you are getting something unique that you couldn't find in Kuching like its textiles. Not much of a bargain as the prices are agreed among the traders, but hubby said there was a chance of getting cheaper price on Sunday afternoon, just when they are about to pack and heading back to Indonesia. The traders may willing to sell at cheaper price at that time! *wink*


Merryn said...

eh, going back to the place u took ur wedding pic.. so nostalgic! with ur lil' gal n the lil' one in ur tummy too.. sooo nice.. :D

lvynana said...

Must be extremely hot at Serikin during afternoon, I normally went in morning, very early 7-8am, just to avoid the sun.

Agnes said...

nice to go to beach once a while with your lil' princesss

Dav DiDi said...

Wahhhh .. looks like a fun weekend oh ...

I never been to serikin, i think ..hehehhe

janice said...

have to take care ho..
whn are u expecting the 2nd one ??

Mummy Gwen said...

Nice beach. took your wedding photos at this beach..this is so memorable.

Liza said...

It's beautiful! The water looks so inviting. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, is that you? Happy to see your picture.

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