Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dedicate to mummy

Mummy, mummy I love you, I give my love to you!!

The next line I heard??? “Mummy, I learn in school.” That is what my little gal has been singing to me in the car this whole week when picking her up from school or baby sitter’s house. You know my gal, she loves to sing, but when asked her to sing during her singing competition last month, she told her she doesn’t want to sing on the stage! Lol! What a funny gal! Guess she is one modest girl that did not want to show her talents to others!

Last week, she did a very cute heart-shaped card in Sunday school. Yeap, she has been going to Sunday school for almost 2 months now. Get her used to those Chinese Christian songs and verses, and learn something in the school. I did take a peep of her class last week, but the heart-shaped cards were not to be brought home till tomorrow. The teacher is displaying the cards on a board for the following class. Asked my gal who is she making the card for, she answered me ‘for mummy”. Sigh! Isn’t it wonderful having a child of your own? And a child that is growing up and chatty like her. Sometimes it can be tough bringing her up but seeing her growing up and showing me what life is, it gives a new meaning in my life…

Yesterday, while on our way back, our conversation in the car as follow:

Little gal: I want to show you something, mummy.
Me: Show me what?
Little gal: Nah!!
(holding out a handmade necklace made from cut straws tied with orange colour string, and a decorated heart-shaped manila card with “I love you” written on it)
Me: Oh! This is nice. Who made it?
Little gal: Me! This is for you, mummy!
Me: Thanks!
Little gal: This is for you! (wanting me to put on it)
Me: Thanks! Who teach you to do it?
Little gal: Teacher! For you mum! I love you mummy!!
Me: Thanks! I love you too!
Little gal: Happy Mother's Day to mummy!

Oh! Doesn’t it made my day??

What are my wishes for Mother’s Day this year??? With the global fear of swine flu spreading, all I wish for is my family to be in good health and always be happy. Love you guys!


Kristie said...

happy mother's day to u, ur daughter is so sweet :)

Merryn said...

aww... dat is soooo sweet of her! u r so lucky! :)

Nick Phillips said...

What a sweet little girl. Happy Mother's Day Rose.

Wind said...

Hi Rose

Thanks for dropping by and the kind words. Your little girl sounds very cute and sweet. Hope you and your family are well.

Windy :)

lvynana said...

Very cute n smart gal u have there.

Cat Cat said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Rose.

Enjoy your pregnancy!

Dav DiDi said...

This is so swweet.. you must be very proud of your daughter