Friday, May 22, 2009

It feels better but still recovering

I did mentioned few weeks ago about the condition of my skin near my upper lip. My gynae prescribed a cream called Acyclovir for my condition. She said it is caused by a virus. I have been rubbing the cream on the affected areas for almost 3 weeks and I can see some improvements on my skin. Not that red and irritated anymore.

The above picture was taken yesterday. If you noticed some black mark in between the lips, it is the black powdery Watermelon frost compound that I put for my cracked lip.

I have been putting too many things on my lips recently i.e. lip moisturiser, Acyclovir cream and Sanjin Compound. Phew!! Hardly able to eat and open my mouth wide last week. On and off the cracked lip surface and I having hard time open up my mouth. Must be I have been taking too much heaty food. Need to cut down on those intake!


Willie said...

Geee...pls cut down on heaty food

pearly said...

ohhhh you poor thing xxxx
long time no chat you take care , yeah like wille say no fry food have lot of cool food ok :)
how your little one in the tummy doing you getting big bumb now :)
we all fine now at last .. gosh ...

Liza said...

It could be, so you better cut down. :) I hope your lips get better soon.

Take care.