Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gone for good

I am damn frustrated with all these stupid cpu issue that I don’t talk to my hubby for almost a day. Cannot last longer than a day, because I am soft hearted person and we sleep on same bed! How to have cold war with him?? *wink*

The story is like this:

Hubby has change a new computer cpu and monitor to better cpu with 2 processors and bigger flat screen few weeks ago. I mentioned before that the old cpu has some graphic problems. So, it happened that when we trying out the new computer and turning it back to new computer, it just went blank! We cannot switched on the old computer. My SIL mentioned it was the graphic card problem, so we may need to bring to computer shop for new graphic card etc.

So, the old cpu has been left outside the room for quite a while till one day my BIL wanted to buy from hubby. So hubby sell the cpu plus flat screen monitor to him with condition BIL needs to send for repair due to graphic card faulty. On top of that, we need to extract out the files and photographs in the old cpu.

So, few days gone and one day the cpu is back!! And guess what!!! Everything has been deleted and reformat!! Geez! There gone all those files and photographs! I am more disappointed with the photographs as I did not make any backup and most photographs are of my little gal. *sob sob sob* Those photographs were mostly taken last year. When I asked hubby, did he told his brother on retrieval of the files and photographs, he said he did. And when ask my BIL on whether he knew about the files and photographs, he replied that hubby did not tell him so! Gggggrrrr! Ok, I better cool down. Don't know who are to be blame for , but what gone is gone. Blame myself for not making a backup. It teaches me a lesson to do backup in the future!!

By the way, I still haven’t get my posting page back to original page. Buttons are still missing and no where to be retrieved. I am now in midst of considering to change my domain. If I am to move to new home, I might have to do it soon, before I am due in September. What do you think?? Should I change my domain and give Rose’ World a new home?? Give me some times to think it over.


Willie said...

Oh my goodness! You lost everything? Geee... I am sorry to hear that. Usually i always burn my important files in CD.

Merryn said...

oh no... so sorry for u.. but anyhow, in case u have a new 'home', do inform us.. :)

lvynana said...

You lost ur photo..oh no! I hope you still have some which you uploaded to ur blog.

Constance Chan said...

oh dear.. i know how disappointing it is to lose all the photos.. i too always put off backing up these pics.. then again, well two of them are men, and what can i say.. both certainy have benefit of doubt for innocence, because they are just born differently.. not to really register when we

anyway, it is nice to have a new home like a new fresh template, domain name after a while. let me know and i'll link up. support you all the way!