Saturday, May 2, 2009

Think I am going to be sick again!

Oh dear! Can feel that my throat is not well for past few days. Keep drinking lots of fluid and taking more vitamin C and supplement.

Either the weather or I have taking too much “heaty” and spicy food……I love nasi lemak, laksa and curry, so I couldn’t control myself from not taking those food. Yeah, I know I should reduce my intake, to avoid heartburn and indigestion, but who could resist spicy food right??

Some more, my FIL brought few packs of cooked wild boar during his last trip here. He cooked the wild boar meat himself. The wild boar meat is appetizing with lots of gingers and lemon grass, an add of soy sauce and Chinese wine! Yummy but damn heaty. The whole body is hot and sweaty after consuming the meat.

The meat costs RM16 per kilo. Oh boy, after having some wild boar meat last Sunday, I have a cut between my upper and lower lips…..Ouch! Very difficult to open my mouth and eat with the cut for few days. Mum gave me some Sanjin Compound Watermelon Frost for the cut. Luckily the cut healed after few nights of spray on the wound.

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Dav DiDi said...

I like spicy food also .. lately due to the heat, i try to reduce eating meat lor ...

I realize if we eat more vege, our body feels cooler ..