Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hiatus for a week

The school holiday has started. It would be more relaxing for me; no need to wake up that early to get ready little gal for school and cook lunch for hubby to bring to work. Yeap, he has been packing lunch from home lately. Since I am cooking for him, might as well I cook for my lunch too. So I don’t really go to my parents’ place for lunch now.

Since it is a 2-weeks holiday, we will be taking 1 week away from kuching, traveling back to hubby’s hometown, Kapit. So, I probably wouldn’t be accessing or blogging for the whole week. Giving this blog a break as well. Please don’t miss me! Lol!!

We will be going away from 1 to 7 June. Never back to Kapit for Gawai celebration, so I guess it would be a new experience for me to do so this time round. I think Gawai is a big event there, as mostly are celebrating it. *wink* I would like to wish my friends and readers, Selamat Hari Gawai and Gayu Guru, Gerai Nyamai, Lantang Senang, Nuan Menua!


Merryn said...

Happy Gawai n we will be here waiting for u to come back!

RaiNboW said...

Happy Gawai and enjoy your long holiday. ;)

HomelyPark said...

hi, would like to add u as friend in the blog.

Rose said...

Thanks Merry and Rainbow.

homelyPark, sure! I will add you in my link as well..... :)