Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This morning activities and lunch

Not working today. Yesterday was the longest day in office, we have presentation that stretch for 2 hours till 8pm. Blur! Some more I was not feeling well yesterday, having sore throat and dizzy, but no choice. Each of us need to make presentation to our visiting regional manager yesterday. At least we were treated to some pizza and chicken wings from Pizza Hut. *wink*

So, what I did this morning? Sent little gal to school, paying her next semester school fee, went to Telekom to settle my bill and lastly visiting my mum. While at my mum's place, I thought of searching through my old bedroom, looking at old clothes, photographs and also an unfinished cross sticth that I left many years ago. Planned to finish it up, but not now. For time being, I will keep in my house and see when I have times to continue.

As for my lunch, I guess mum probably know that I am coming. Lol! Cooked my favourite dishes, yummy. I finished 2 bowls of rice. You wouldnt be able to believe it, right? She cooked for 4 persons (include her) so that is why there are so many dishes on the table. At the back of the house, is the workshop so 3 workers have their lunch in the house daily.

My most favourite dishes are oven roasted pork (the meat is so succulent) and deep-fried curry coated fish. My throat still not recover fully, but who care! Food comes first! *wink*


Nessa said...

I'm drooling oredi just by looking at the food. Is that pucuk paku, the green sayur??

Deep fried curry coated fish... definitely my fav!!

Rose said...

Yes, Nessa, that is pucuk paku.

Dav DiDi said...

hhmm... I'm about to ask the vege oso... i thought is bidin

Nick Phillips said...

Oooo, the roast pork looks good! It's my favourite food :D

Hazel said...

ooo, it looks delicious