Sunday, February 8, 2009

Passion fruit on a Sunday morning

Hardly can sleep after woke up to feed little gal around 6am this morning. Tossing and turning in the bed, and finally giving up on sleep. Today is Sunday, so I would be able to enjoy my Sunday afternoon nap later. *wink*

Been having constipation lately. Maybe lack of vegetables in my diet. As part of my healthy programme, I have decided to cook and bring food from home for my lunch in office, at least thrice a week. So later I will get hubby to drive me to market to get some vegetables and meats for the lunches. I remember that I have some passion fruits left in the fridge. The fruits are given by my mum. According to her, it is rich in vitamins and should be good and able to ease my constipation problem. So, since cannot get back to sleep, I decided to make myself some passion fruit drink.

Simply cut the passion fruit into half. Then scoop the yellow portion in the fruit into a glass. 1 fruit make 1 glass. Just add sugar to your taste and pour in water to make a glass. Stir well and it is ready to drink.

I like my drink cold so I refrigerate it for a while and drink later. *wink* Happy Sunday everyone.


Constance Chan said...

enjoy your Sunday, dear!

Dav DiDi said...

Wahhh .. i want ...