Thursday, February 19, 2009

A pregnant Rose

Finally I can tell the whole world that I am officially pregnant! 3 months, that is! *wink* You know, Chinese got those "pantang" (superstition) on announcing pregnancy etc, got to wait for full 3 months. Last Saturday morning, I went to my gynae for my 3rd check up, everything is well. Baby is developing well. Doctor scanned my tummy, and we saw the baby was busy playing and kicking around. What an active baby, I wonder. *wink*

Darling hubby is the happiest, why not? He is going to be a father soon. He has been hoping for so long for 2nd one, and I have been postponing the idea for almost a year. I guess finally I gave in to him, cannot stand his persuasion. Lol! Anyhow, it is about time as our little gal is almost 3 years old by April. As for the gender, we wouldn’t be able to know now till later month. Either boy or girl, I wish for a healthy baby and a playmate for my little gal. *wink*

As in the afternoon, I was busy digging my old maternity clothing, sorting and washing them. I know it is still pretty early to dress in one, but I thought of getting them clean up first. Most of my current office wear are tighter and I couldn’t get in them anymore. Not much problem fitting into blouse and shirt, but not pants or skirts. I always have a tummy (hardly can lose it), but now that I am pregnant, it is even showing. I still not gaining much weight, still around 51-52kg when I weighed myself last Saturday.

Like the first pregnancy, I do not have morning sickness, but I get hungry fast and need to eat. I remember when I have my little gal, I always need to have supper almost every night. Otherwise I cannot fall asleep. Not only that, I always get hungry around 9pm, although I have my dinner around 7pm. Hubby would be my servant, ready or buy supper for me. So I gained weight fast during my first pregnancy and tummy is pretty big by 3rd month! Lol!

I found out that a lot of people I knew are pregnant and going to give birth sometime this year. So, it would be lots of "Ox" babies coming in. Lol! I would be due early September. Like every mother said, every pregnancy is different, so symptom and experience are different. So, I am enjoying the every moment. More updates on my pregnancy in future posts. :)


JenJen's Place said...

CONGRATS MY DEAR! Mean the baby is due in Aug09? :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations to you and your hubby! do take extra good care of yourself. i have recipes for confinement. a little earlier though. :)

Love in the air said...

WOW... congrates... ^^ mean around august there will be an angel join ur family lo? hehehe... take care o! ^^

Nick Phillips said...

Well, congratulations to you :D

lvynana said...