Monday, February 23, 2009

Mood swing and everything with it

I am experiencing mood swings now. Sometimes I am overjoyed of having a baby but other times, I feel helpless with my condition. They are part of the pregnancy, and I understand it is normal and happen to most pregnant ladies. Do you experience any of them and what do you do to overcome them? I cried over tiniest thing and it feels silly sometimes.

Hubby is not a domestic man, he doesnt help much with house chores and kid. In the past, I wouldn’t mind doing all the cooking and cleaning, I guess it is part of being a dutiful wife. Lol! But now that I am pregnant and getting tired easily, I would expect him to do more of those and tending to my and little gal’s need. Sigh! I am frustrating at his "do it later" attitude. It is hard to get him to help me around. Probably I need to talk and list down in details on what he could and can do around the house?

Although he doesn’t help around, but I am glad that he understands what I am going through, and does not complain about my mood swings. During my 1st pregnancy, hubby seldom at home at night (meaning he always came back late) so usually left me alone in the house.

All I did was think, think, think! Also at times I felt unattractive and insecure and even a little jealous, and I had no idea how insanely crazy it can make you feel!! My hubby really didnt understand any of this and that made it even harder. At times when all I need was that little extra attention, encouragement, or reassurance I didnt get it and it made me feel more alone and in need of what I'm lacking. I tried to tell him how I feel but it doesn't come out right so I ended up getting frustrated and he's even more confused. You can said that after giving birth, I have a bit of depression, but luckily everything goes well.

So this time round, we are ready for my mood swings. I told hubby how I feel and what he could do to help ease them. It helps when hubby is there to comfort and tell you how beautiful you are even when you are pregnant. *wink* I can feel highs and lows, sometimes from one minute to the next. Whenever I feel down, I will usually go for a nap, read book or blog hopping. Something to air away those funny moods.


osindak said...

Hi there Rose! Congrats on your pregnancy!! hugs!! Re. the stem cell, now got installment payment, so more affordable.. ;) p.s. sorry I TERdelete your comment in my blog. I didn't mean to... Anyway, take good care ya!

Hazel said...

oh, congrats on ur pregnancy, u can asked ur hubby to help u. like me my hubby help me to do anything.

Dav DiDi said...

Oh .... congrats !!!!
When will her/him due ?