Friday, February 6, 2009

Age is never a limit

This is not a Valentine Day story but sometimes it is great to find love when you least expect or giving up hope of.

There was a friend of mine in her 40s, never dated before. She is a nice lady, well educated, soft spoken and have a good humour. She was a workaholic. Dedicated most of her time to work. So that contributes to lack of time for social and love.

We have tried to match making her with many guys but not a single one was successful. She eventually giving up on finding a good man and getting married.

Just come this week, suddenly I received a nice present in gold wrapping from her sister. Her sister said it is from my friend, she is getting married and away for honeymoon with her husband. There would not be any wedding reception, just a small family dinner. It came as a surprise to me and other friends, as we have never knew this new guy of her life before. None of my friends met this guy.

After much digging done, we learnt that she was introduced to her husband by her relative sometime back last year. So love bloom between them and they keep in touch although the guy was working in West Malaysia. After proposing to her on Christmas Day, arrangement was done and they officially register this week. Now both are honeymooning in Korea.

Now who say a lady in her 40s would not be able to get married and left in the shelf huh??

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