Monday, February 2, 2009

Quitting and move forward??

Here I am in front of pc after shutting down my office pc less than 1 hour ago. Munching on some prawn crackers while trying to type this post with few “available” fingers, I just came back from Jen’s place. She complaining about the current economy situation especially affecting job market, where most big companies are cutting cost and retrenching their workers.

I am not one of those in the list, although I am still in the “danger” zone due to the fact that I am still under probation. This month would be my 6th month and I would need to perform exceptionally well if I am to extend or confirm myself with the company. Manager also briefed us over the morning session meeting that she is expecting everyone to flair this month due to poor performance last month.

February is such a short month although there would not be any public holiday in Sarawak unlike some states in WM. Nevertheless it is a short month to do that much. The current crisis really hit hard on us. Some colleagues that attended the training with me last September already contemplating resignation and moving forward. But some are afraid of finding suitable job due to current crisis.

As for myself, I also thinking of the same if I did not do well this month. See how it goes. Back in mind, I have ever consider quit and become full time home maker, but I cannot imagine myself being full time cleaning, cooking and looking after the children for now. *wink* Heard it is much hectic being a full time homemaker than a career women. True?

Alright, time to sign out. Will do blog hopping later. Hubby is honking outside, waiting for me and little to come down and go out for a nice dinner. Thinking of something soupy since it is very cold here. I think it is going to rain soon. After dinner, plan to go for grocery shopping, stocking up some ingredients and stocks. Been telling hubby that we should start bringing food from home for lunch in office, I am sick of eating outside and tired of thinking where to eat during lunch break. Since there are microwave oven and fridge in my office, might utilise it and bring food from home. Save time and more economical, I guess. :)

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I do, once in a while, feel like quitting my job and spend the time at home and bake and take care of my son. But I know i would miss the financial freedom although hubby can give me pocket money. Still thinking about it....