Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting lazier

Sorry for lack of updating as I am getting lazier each day. Maybe partly due to my pregnancy (I know it is still at an early stage, Lol) or maybe I am really lazy!

Every evening after back from work, I would love to have a hot bath and rest in my bed, reading my novels. Bought some novels in December and have not yet finish them all. So there are some readings need to be done. And not to mention some Chinese drama that I have been addicted to and spend more time in front of the television than blogging.

Reading and watching movies keep me away from thinking too much and a way to distress after a hard day. Work is taking much toll on me, and it is getting tough as manager is pretty demanding. I dont think I can blame her, as she has management to report to. Sigh! I caught up with a cousin lately and she has been a full time homemaker since 2007. Being an accountant in profession, she quit her job for sake of children.

Now fully taking care of her 2 gals (one aged 4 and another is less than 1 year old) at home. I do admire her perseverance and decision of choosing family against career. Hmm, wonder when I would be able to be a full time homemaker? When ask whether she wants to go back to work, my cousin replying me by saying “Sometimes, when you work, you dream of being a home maker, but when you are a homemaker, you dream of working again. You cannot have both. You need to choose either one”

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Dav DiDi said...

Yeah, I guess what she say is right.. we can't be both home-maker and career women ..