Saturday, February 14, 2009

I feel like kid again, eating burgers and fries

Within 1 week, I have been having Mc Donald’s food for 3 days! We had curly fries last Sunday night. And also little gal's first taste on its curly fries. Supposed to visit a couple last Sunday evening (still CNY) but end up, three of us enjoyed ourselves in McD in Kuching International Airport. This couple operate a computer shop so they cannot close shop earlier last Sunday due to many customers that time. We suppose to meet up at 830pm but in the end, we didn’t make it. Little gal was tired. And they closed shop around 10pm that night. When was the time you go CNY visiting at people's house after 10pm???

We enjoyed our curly fries and sundae in McD while outside was full of colourful fireworks in the sky!! Little gal was excited and high watching the firework! Lol! I remember Jen's tip on eating fries and sundae, i.e. dipping fries into sundae. So I tried it with curly fries, it does taste nice. Warm fries and cold ice cream, a unique combination. :p

On Wednesday, I had lunch in McD, a treat by a colleague. Set meal consists of burger, fries and a soft drink. It is pretty cheap as it is on promotion now. I cannot remember when the last time I have McDonald's burger! And then yesterday, a colleague treated us to McD meal as she is leaving the company! Burger, fries and coke again! Oh dear! This afternoon, hubby told me that he was thinking of dinner at McD. Hmm, I think he is planning a Valentine's Day dinner at McD together with our little gal. After tonight, I would not want to step into McD outlet for a long time! I have enough of McD meal for time being. Lol!

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pearly said...

wooow 3 days on a roll huh
I tak boleh tahan also la hehhhe.
bet your gal love it .
I miss McD too if I havn't had it for long time :P
may be every 3 weeks once my kids wooo there love it can have it every day I guess .
so how is you new year ?

wishing you and family the best for the whole year xxxxxxx