Saturday, July 5, 2008

A little move

I have decided to take up a new job offer. It is a totally different career path for me as it involves different skills and nothing that I have done before. A totally new working environment and learning curve for me.

I am glad that I have the support of my family and friends as it makes my decision-making easier. One part of me is very sad and reluctant, but the other part of me telling me that I need to get on, acquire new skills and different appeals somewhere. It is never easy to leave the company and colleagues that I have been accustomed to; they are like my second home and family.

My first job since I graduated from college many years ago. Throughout my tenure with the company, I have learnt many things and met great people. I find comfort from my colleagues and share both professional and personal advices with them. So you see it is kind of sad to leave my colleagues (now considered my best friends) behind in pursue of a different career. Beside that, I hate to leave my colleagues behind at such impending moment with many projects on one’s hands. I am going to miss them; they have been very supportive throughout those years and great to work with. *sob sob*

For the remaining weeks, I will hand down my duties and updates to my fellow colleagues. So I am slowly passing down my works. Meantime, my new company requires me to go through a thorough medical check up as part of new staff requirement. Since I have been thinking of doing a medical check up in the past, it is a good opportunity for me to get down to it. Now I am hoping that I will pass the test. *wink*


Hazel said...

good luck to u..

Agnes said...

hi, Rose how are you?

good luck ya.!

Hye said...

Hi Rose,

Good luck on your new career. I know you deserved it ;0

Nick Phillips said...

All the best, Rose. It's never easy going to a new place but sometimes we need new challenges in life :D

cinnamon_apple said...

Hi Rose,'s always hard to leave a place where you've met good friends. I wish you luck at your new job!


Billy's Mom said...

Good luck on your new job, Rose! :-)

MamaBoK said...

Well congrats..!! and good luck..!!