Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Movies catching up to do

There are so many summer movies around the cinema now that I can't hardly decide which one to watch. Usually hubby and myself will choose the better rating movies to watch in cinema. Usually those sci-fiction movies with impressive sound effects. Romance movies we will buy DVDs instead. *wink*

I got preview from friends that X-Files movie not so good, but I have yet to watch it. As a die-hard X-Philes, I shall grab a DVD and judge for myself. For now, I am keen to watch some of the available and up-coming movies, such as this Wall-E movies. I think my little gal will enjoy it in cinema.

Oh yeah! The mummy movie returns with Brendan Fraser fighting against the resurrected Chinese emperor. I cant wait to watch this movie as my favourite actors (Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh) are in there!!

An avid fan of Abba, it would be interesting to catch Mamma Mia The Movie starring the handsome Pierce Brosnan (former 007 agent). Never know that he can sing.....hmm

Pictures courtesy of Yahoo!


Nick Phillips said...

Pierce Brosnan can sing? I didn't know that too ... hehehe

Zooropa said...

I'm thinking to go for a good movie. I know the old version of "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" is interesting, I guess the new one staring Brendon Fraser could be not bad too!


Rose said...

Hi Nick! Yeah, lets find out whether he can, shall we?? ;p

Dora, I am also keen to catch that movie too. Preview looks very good.