Friday, July 4, 2008

Working mothers in office

Weekend is approaching. Don’t you look forward to it after 5 days of working? As a working mother, I am definitely looking forward to Saturday and Sunday where I can spend times with my family and relax at home.

Office may not be in your mind now but I would like to share with you here on some office rules involving working mothers.

In any offices, you will find this underlying divide – mothers versus non-mothers. Unless you have understanding colleagues, many non-mothers may think that mothers usually can get away with many excuses and get extra perks. It may seem unfair as they chose to be mother, non-mothers think. On the other hand, working mothers will resent feelings or comments of non-mothers, as they like non-mothers, work hard for the company too. The only difference is that they have children and priority differs from non-mothers.

If you are a working mother, you are probably working because you need the income or because you enjoy your career. So your job is important either way. It is already tough working 8 to 5, then coming home to start your second shift. After dinner, homework and bedtime, there is no time for you. It is understandable for you to feel sorry for yourself. After all, you have it much harder than the non-mothers. They can go to movies, go shopping and return to work each day refreshed. So how do you rejuvenate yourself and do not feel sorry for yourself??

First, be positive. You should set example for your children. Always prioritize your tasks each day; work to plan. You can get help from your spouse in certain tasks at home.

Secondly, plan some day off and do the things you want to do. Hook with other mothers, go for a date and do something you enjoy. Recharge your battery, as you need it for your double job.

Thirdly, avoid office resentment. Be professional and understanding. Be part of the working family; involve in office activities and treat other equally. Share your stories about children and parenthood, and listen to non-mothers’ stories. It is good to have friends than enemies in office as you are part of a big family and you would be seeing others most of the time. It would not be beneficial to anyone and company if you make enemies with anyone.

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