Thursday, July 10, 2008

Funny calls

Some people either too secretive or just don't have any phone courtesy. Once a while, I will received calls from people calling up and ask who call them. Conversation as follow:

Me : Hello?
XX : Who call me (without even saying “hello”. Where is their manner??)
Me : Sorry, who are you?
XX : Someone call me, my number is 01x-xxx xxxx. I got this number on my handphone screen.
Me : Sorry, I didn’t call you, but who is this?
XX : Where is this place?
Me : This is XX company. Can I have your name so I can check who call you?
XX : Never mind. (hang up)

So you see, some people just don’t want to leave their name and phone number and how in the world should I know who calling them?? Sometimes it is funny but most of the times, you just don’t have the patience to entertain such people. You encounter any before?? Those long-winded conversation that going on and on and the other side of the phone keep talking and did not bother to leave their name and contact?


Nick Phillips said...

Unfortunately a lot of people don't have much phone manners. I've been on the receiving end of calls like that too ...

Zooropa said...

I hate those people call & the first thing they say is "who are you?" So silly...