Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Would you do it if you have to take a jump?

There was this incident happened last year in Kapit when we went back for Christmas. There was one fine afternoon after me and little gal woke up from our afternoon nap.

We slept in the master bedroom on upper floor with a front balcony. You know old houses with spacious balcony where you can dry your laundry there. After woke up from my nap (3pm something), I went to retrieve those dry laundry at the balcony. Suddenly there was a “bang!” Oh god! My own daughter locked me out. The door lock was not in good condition and I totally forget to put a door stopper to prevent it from closing.

So, there I was, standing in short pant and t-shirt under a hot sun. I was shouting and banging the door, hoping that my FIL that sleeping in the living room downstair would hear me. The whole banging last 15 minutes but it felt like ages with me standing, shouting and banging. The problem was no one heard me, as no residents around during that time.

I even consider jumping from the balcony after attempt to attract my FIL’s attention was futile. I did climb out from the balcony but with no shoes on, the roof was very hot for my feet. And when I looked down, it was pretty high and if I jump, I will landed on the hard tiles of the car pouch. If I used the water spout to go down, I was worry about the condition of the spout as it may not hold my weight. It does look like it can break easily. So there again, few minutes passed by with my feet hanging out from the balcony, deciding whether to take the leap or not. I know that if I jump I will hurt or sprain myself but if I did not jump, I don’t know how long I will be there. There were times when I near to tears but I told myself to think of a way to get down instead.

Then, suddenly a neighbour rode in bike passed by. I shouted for his assistance. Luckily there was a ladder in front of the house so he held it to let me down. Of course while climbing down from the roof and down the ladder, I got few scratches but it was a real solace to find someone passing by during that hour. And the funny thing is that, before I knock at the front door, my FIL suddenly opened the door and said “How come you were outside?” I guess he has heard some noise in front of the house by then. Geez! He heard my shouting and banging but thought it was next-door neighbour’s children. So much for his assumption. Pity me for standing outside for so long.

And guess what? When I reached upstair, my little gal was standing on the sofa, peeping through the window looking for me! She did not make any noise or cry, otherwise my FIL or myself would hear her. I was completely overwhelmed with anger and relief. I cannot be angry with her anymore because at the same time, I was happy to see her safe and I was safe too.

That was my true experience. When think of it again, it was pretty funny. How did it happen, and how I climb down from a ladder that hardly tall enough for me to climb down. I never tell anyone else. I totally had forgotten all about it when back to Kuching. Just suddenly came to my mind today while I was chatting with my colleagues on our children progress.

I learnt a lesson too. Never take your children lightly. They may be smart, listening to your instruction but they are unable to differentiate when it is time to listen and when it is not. My little gal always has the habit of closing the door. I instructed her at home so she got very used to close the door when we are out from the bedroom. She did not know the consequences of shutting her mother out in the balcony that fine afternoon as she just get used to close the door then. So, I do not blame her because she simply does not know what is right and what is not.


Jen's Place said...

HEHEHE! Funny! Poor lil gal must be wondering how come the mommy disappeared and not come in thru the door she closed.

Dav DiDi said...

I have tag for you ..... Rose, I can't left comments in your chat box ..

Rose said...

Jen, I guess she waiting for me to go in, like what u said.

Didi, is it? everything alright here. anyway, I will look into the tag. Thanks

Constance Chan said...

oh rose! glad you're ok. i once was in a similar situation.but i was a student renting a room from a family. I was washing my clothes manually in my room when the phone rang in the other room.. i picked it up and the door slammed shut, my water running in the bath! i had no choice, no one at home but to climb on the ledge from the other room to get to the window in my room! it was on the top floor and i was scared to bits. lucky i was ok and managed to get it. was in Ts and shorts too..

Rose said...

Constance, at least you are braver! Climbing from one room to another room!!!

Billy's Mom said...

That was a scary experience. Glad you were okay. :-)