Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beware of Coxsackie

Lately I have been hearing news on children around Kuching with suspected case of contracting Coxsackie virus. I am wondering why the affected nurseries did not close down to prevent further children from getting the diseases as it is infectious. Younger children are receptive to the disease as their immunity is not that properly develop compared to older children and adult.

If you remember, last year there were cases of children death resulted from Coxsackie virus in Sarawak. Some nurseries and schools have to be closed down and total disinfection of the area was conducted.

Coxsackie virus symptoms are similar to hand, foot and mouth diseases. Children will have fever and rashes on the skin. So do not treat it lightly when your children suddenly lose appetite, no energy to play, have mild fever or have HFM symptoms. Bring them immediately to clinic or hospital for check up.

There is still no effective vaccination for the disease yet, but practises proper hygiene is the best weapon against it. Wash your and your children’ hands with disinfectant. Do not bring your children to crowded areas such as shopping malls and playgrounds to minimize chances of contracting the diseases.


Dav DiDi said...

Wahh ... the disease is back again??

Constance Chan said...

sometimes it is hard to pin point where your kids will pick up the virus from. schools have to really monitor and be alert on news and isolate children. kids tend to mingle and touch each things, each other with their hands that have just probably brushed up some virus from unsuspecting location.

my younger girl is now recovering form hfmd when she was down with fever last week. especially when I am so obsessive compulsive over cleanliness at home, i really can't imagine where she picked in up from.. could be from the mall or her kindy. she has clearance to go to school on wednesday but i'll be keeping her home just in case. the school had stopped assembly, sanitized all their things and distributed alert flyers, although its only an isolated case. i'm glad i informed them too. sg is very strict with things like tat.

Zooropa said...

If you're worry, don't let ur gal to kindy temporarily. Oh yeah, ur gal not going to kindy yet right? But take care anyway.


Nessa said...

Hi Rose :)

I dread every time I hear Coxsackie and Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. It was reported recently that a school in TTDI (Taman Tun Dr Ismail near KL) has an outbreak of HFM. Scary cos it's just nearby.