Sunday, September 9, 2018

New Capital

We had a sumptuous dinner in this old, retro-like but well-known restaurant in town, New Capital Restaurant on Saturday night. Suituapui did posted on this restaurant and its specialty dishes few times, and lady luck was with me in this trip. An uncle of hubby invited us to dinner in this restaurant in the town centre.

It was hard to find parking and we were lost at first as unfamiliar with the route but we managed to find parking in front of Ambank and took a short walk to the restaurant.

Uncle has ordered the dishes firsthand so when we were seated, we were served with this delicious white and black fungus appetizer. It was delicious and it was easy to prepare. I believed they used the sesame dressing such as Kewpie for the dressing to the fungus. Maybe I could prepare it at home one day.

Their oil rice was unusual from what we usually served in Chinese restaurants. Fragrant and fluffy; we enjoyed it.

Their roasted pork belly was surprisingly good. But I enjoyed its stir Foochow fried noodle the most.

Their fried rice was equally tasty; well cooked with generous ingredients in it.

By this time, we were already half full but more food came to our table. I don't know what soup was this but I would named it the mushroom corn soup. Something like sea cucumber soup but I didn't find any sea cucumber in my soup and what we had was milder in taste.

Another amazing specialty dish of this restaurant was the deep-fried white pomfret. Crispy deep-fried flesh with sweet sour dressing.  It was so easy to eat as they have pre-cut the flesh.

And to balance all the carb and protein, we had 2 vegetable dishes. One was mixed vegetables (at back of the deep fried fish) that I didn't managed to take photo of. Another was this bean curds, mushrooms and green dish.

The soft bean curds was fried first before been added to the mushrooms and vegetable. I could only take one toufu as by now, I was too full to digest anymore.

I couldn't guess how much was our dinner but thanks to hubby's uncle for picking up the tab. It was totally an enjoyable feast. The restaurant itself was nostalgic, eluded the change of time. The food? Simply good.


suituapui said...

I was there last night - watch out for my blogpost on it. Pork belly's good? Never had that there, KIV, gotta try it on my next visit!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

All the dishes suits me...

Libby said...

Oil rice sounds tasty and I am attracted to the roast pork

Sharon D said...

What yummy food, Rose - lucky you!
Enjoy your day x

Shirley Tay said...

Yummy! Wish I were there too! xoxo

Nancy Chan said...

Everything looks delicious. I am interested in the black and white fungus appetizer.

mun said...

wow! so many dishes, no wonder you were very full near the end of the meal.

reana claire said...

All looks good, even the fried rice... sure would be full cos the carbs came out first before the other dishes. The fried pomfret looks good too.. something new to me!