Friday, July 28, 2017

Paris | Sunday wandering

Yes, we simply loved Paris. How lucky were we to enjoy the Paris tour on a Sunday.

Paris was glamorous. Exploring around Paris really was an eye opener and a chance of a lifetime. The city was so elegant and colourful; purely rich in history, culture and architecture.

We loved the time spent exploring the splendid cobble-stoned streets flanked by beautiful buildings in the crisp, warm air. And not forgetting the big crowds and street plays too.

Here are random photos that I took while wandering in Paris over the weekend. We covered quite few places in a day. The traffic wasn't that bad on most parts of Paris. And we did get a sudden rain in the afternoon while we were in Lafayette.

I think I took the shots of Eiffel Tower the most. We did not go in as time consuming. But the tower itself was panoramic! Wow!

There was also some shopping done in Lafayette. We were there for 3 hours and we also took the opportunity to go to the Lafayette building rooftop for the city view.

Eiffel Tower

Triumphal arch

Notre dame

Notre dame

Notre dame

Carrousel arc de triomphe



Seine river

Another close shot of Eiffel Tower

Street show

Along the Seine river

Box (stall) along the river

A magnificient building along the river

Place de la concorde (Concorde square)

Fountain in Concorde square

Concorde square

Umbrella up, ice-cream was cool

Shopping in Lafayette

Breath-taking interior in Lafayette

From Lafayette rooftop


Anonymous said...

How lovely. You have been to the most romantic place in the world. ��

mun said...

Thanks for the photos. Good to hear that you enjoyed yourself very much in Paris!

reana claire said...! I didn't do any shopping then cos on wheelchair susah sikit.. but I did get to go up the Eiffel tower, no need queuing cos they are very friendly to the disabled like me then.. my son and my friend also got to go up without queuing and lots cheaper, I think for me, it was free.. :) I think each day, the queue there is the same, very super long! :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Thanks for sharing the photos...

Phong Hong said...

Paris is supposed to be romantic, so it is true huh? Looked like you were really enjoying yourself there.

Nancy Chan said...

I have heard so much about Paris but have never been there. It is indeed a very beautiful place.

Shirley Tay said...

Love your holiday shots, dear! Paris is definitely one of my favourite places to shop! xoxo

Sharon D said...

I am loving your adventures, Rose ! More! More! ;)