Friday, July 7, 2017

Camera fun

This was my first outdoor shot with the SJ6 Legend Action Camera. 

Camera fun in Carpenter Street on one Saturday morning last month. Were unfamiliar to the function but at least I can snap, wifi and transfer to my phone. The photos were curvy at the side, something I am not used to. Eventually I found out that I need to turn the gyro mode on so that the photos would not have that spherical curve at the sides. *still on learning curve*

It claimed to be suitable for outdoor and underseas shots and videos. So, could not wait to try it out in my Europe holiday.

Now we do have have some wall murals around Carpenter Street and its backlane. And what a better way to try my new action camera on those catchy murals.

Backlane of Bishopgate

From Bishopgate overlooking the church

Another view of the murals

Entrance of Bishopgate. Now filled up with tables and chairs from the corner establishment

Looking at Ewe Hai Street

Truly Sarawak cat


suituapui said...

I am thinking of a smartphone with a great camera - they seem to be able to take really nice photos, no need to bring a separate camera. They say Huawei P10 is good.

Rose World said...

My hubby is using Huawei. Nice canera function. Yes, time to get yourself a smartphone.

mun said...

The curvy photos look like they were being taken by fish eye lens.

Sharon D said...

Neat photos, Rose! ^.^

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Thanks for sharing...