Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Paris | Summer, scents and shopping

What is there not to love about Paris?! We were utterly amazed by the mesmerising, beautiful and mysterious city of love!

The street was packed with people, tourists-alike.

So many photographs to be posted here so I am going to break my Paris adventure into two. So this first part would be from our train station to our hotel on Saturday, day 3 of the Europe vacation.

If I thought London was warm, then Paris was hotter!! Over 35C, the hottest we felt throughout our holiday. What a crazy summer in Paris!

Everywhere you see was people and cars!! And not forgetting the well preserved historical buildings and houses on cobbled streets.

Our 1st stop in Paris was the Fragonard Perfume Museum. We got the chance to understand a little bit about perfume and smell the famous scents of Fragonard.

The next stop was every ladies' dream.  Marne La Vaile outlet for our shopping therapy. Again, the place was packed with sea of shoppers. We spent almost 3 hours there and I walked home with few new blouses. ^^

Before the shopping started, we filled up our empty tummies first. Rice and noodle! Chinese! Cannot go on without them. Lol.

Dinner on our first evening in Paris?? French 3 courses of course. That will be in another post, another day though. ^^

Weekly market mostly by the immigrants group


Tall and magnificient buildings

Tourist bus

The palace

Fragonard shop

Fragonard museum

La Vallee outlet

La Vallee

Fried noodle

Fried rice

A basket of dim sum

Bill of our lunch


Another house

After that we were driven to our hotel for check-in. A nice and quiet hotel tucked in the greenery lush of countryside which was about an hour drive from Paris.

Paxton Resort & Spa, Ferrieres-en-Brie

Coming up, second part of Paris.


suituapui said...

Aiyorrrrr!!! Go Paris, eat fried rice, dim sum!!! Escargot for the win!!! :D

mun said...

so nice! I wanna go to Paris too!

Reanaclaire said...

When I went that time, it was very cold! That was during September in wheelchair.. hahaa.. If I could walk normally, maybe I would have visited more places like you did! :)

PH said... mee goreng! LOL!

Nancy Chan said...

Tall and impressive buildings! Fried noodles, fried rice and dim sum in must have been missing home...Lol! Have a beautiful day!

Merryn said...

Surprisingly for me, of all the cities in Europe, Paris is the one I least liked. It is so stiff with not much greeneries and the people there are not very friendly. Switzerland is heaven to me :D

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Har kow, my all time favourite...

Sharon D. said...

Such a dreamy place to be. Arghh..the skies are so blue. Jealous!