Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Packed and off I fly

(Hi, peeps. I am currently at the airport, waiting for my boarding time. Will be away on a long vacation and might not be able to blog-hopping and leaving comments in your blogs. I have arranged few scheduled posts over here during my absence. So, thank you in advance for your visits and comments. Catch up with you when I am back. Bon Voyage to me!)

I don't normally do a fashion post of what I wear or have but I just couldn't help having this special post for a special reason.

My essential when I am travelling. My first holiday in Europe (yes, now you know I am going to a different continent in few hours time!) and what else better than to spend a week of summer as a tourist over there.

July in most European countries, temperature ranging from 22C to 25C during the day.  Not much of a problem or adjustment to the weather as we are used to the tropical climate in Malaysia. A cousin who is working in Leeds updated me on the weather. It could be around 21C during the long day time and 13 to 15C at night! That is summer!!

It is just nice for me since it is cooler but at the same time, we would be expecting rain and wind too. You could say that I am well prepared for my summer vacation.

I packed a couple of lightjackets with lots of comfy blouses, shirts and pants. I also stand by a water-resistant anorak (light blue) in case of rain.

A lot of walking so a comfy walking shoes for my feet. And not forgetting protection for my skin; a lot of sunblock and moisturiser.

My new SJ6 Legend action camera that I got less than 2 months ago will be demonstrated during the holiday. Bet I would have so much fun taking photos of almost everything with it!

Ready some currencies for shopping and meals. Must remember not to think too much about the conversion over there. *wink*

So, it is all set for my holiday.  Everything was packed nicely in my luggage and I've also packed few books in my carry-on to keep me company while on the plane.

Our honeymoon is starting in Europe. *wink*


suituapui said...

Have a great time there. Safe and delightful honeymoon, you two lovebirds!!!

Libby said...

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday Rose

PH said...

How exciting! Happy holidays and tell us about it when you come back!

Hayley said...

Saw FROM YOUR fb, have a safe trip ya!

Reanaclaire said...

How sweet! Have a Great Honeymoon!!

mun said...

enjoy yourself! happy vacation!

Sharon D. said...

Enjoy your trip, Rose and safe journey!