Sunday, July 9, 2017

Came out

Noodle Expert in Kenyalang Park used to be my favourite noodle place before the original owner sold to his relative no so long ago. Since then, we did went there few times but the taste and quality were not the same. The new owner even increased the price so the place does not appeal to us anymore.

But few weeks ago, my mum told me that she bumped into the owner not so long ago. Apparently, the owner came out of his short retirement and opened a new shop 2 months ago in Queen's Court.

So after getting the location from my mum, on one Saturday we went to his new shop to taste his noodle. We managed to find the shop after 2 rounds of driving around the area. We were unfamiliar with Queen's Court. 

Little Skill Cafe is opposite SBEU office (behind Seway building).

The place is air-con, like what we could find in the cafe. So expect the price to be higher than you can find in normal coffee shop.

We waited for about 30 minutes for our noodle as the place was packed when we reached there. We seated outside since the seats in the air-con space were full. Luckily the weather was chilling and nice so we did not mind sitting outside.
Char siew mee ((RM5)

First to come was this char siew mee. I love its char siew as they made themselves. Tender and tasty.

Set noodle with soup (RM18)

Hubby had his usual, the medium size noodle with cheng soup. Soup was good as ever.

Seafood mee hoon (RM10)

And I had this seafood mee hoon which I always had in the old shop. More fresh fish slices and fish cake over here ao that was why  it was pricey. 

We could have it once in blue moon when we missed its noodles and soup. Cannot have it all the time. Too pricey!! ^^

Operating hours 7am to 4pm daily, off every Thursday.


suituapui said...

I would love that soup! Slurpsss!!!

mun said...

Love the prawns!

Sharon D said...

The food looks so good, Rose. Yep, that is pricey for three people! ^.^

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Prawns, my favourite...