Thursday, May 11, 2017

What we want

I almost forgot about this post till I were browsing through my camera album and saw the photos.

It was the last Sunday of April. Hubby asked me not to cook that evening so we went out for our dinner. At that point, we did not know what we want for dinner. We did not know where and what to eat but it would be in the city centre since hubby needed to do transaction in a bank.

So after done with the banking, we were almost in the old part of the city. The thought of having dinner in Open Market opposite Electra House sounds appealing to us. A nostalgic place to have dinner with my family. Used to come here a lot for dinner as a child. The place is still the same; crowded and busy.

I used to eat in one of the stalls called Chai Heng but hubby wanted to try the middle stall, Chai Shen Ye.

It was fine with me. We seated under the night sky overlooking the road. We placed our order with a native guy and waited for about 20 minutes for our food to come. While waiting, we were looking at the buzzing road and old buidlings that were right in front of us. 

First to come was this chai poh omelette (salted radish omelette). Huge! We did not specify the portion but it was for 3 to 4 pax.

Then this delicious and crispy salted fish pork belly arrived. I enjoyed this dish the most.

Then we had the Japanese soft beancurd with minced meat. Milder in taste but we did not mind at all.

We had belacan kangkung to tantalize our tastebuds. Such a huge plate but we finished up the vegetable and leave no stalk behind!

We also ordered soup, which was fish maw soup. So many thick slices of chewy fish maw in the soup.

Overall our dinner costs RM82 which I thought was rather steep although the dishes were medium portion. Oh well, Chai Shen Ye (God of Prosperity) for the owner indeed. Lol.


suituapui said...

Fish maw is expensive wor! Such big slices some more. Not expensive lah, 5 of you. This must be the other side - we used to go early morning after dancing and partying at places like Jubilee Hall to eat the porridge. Otherwise, we would usually go to the other side, the main side with all the hawker stalls:

mun said...

i was about to say fish maw is expensive when i saw stp comment above.

Nancy Chan said...

I love chai poh omelette and salted fish pork belly. Missed these 2 dishes.

Merryn said...

The fish maw soup is the bomb there. Such huge pieces. My favourite! I think the price is quite okay for what you had.

Yannie said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Rose. I hope you have a wonderful celebration with your loved ones.

Imemily said...

dining out is around that price alr
anyway Happy Mother's Day :D

Libby said...

So many dishes! I like the chai poh omelette and fish maw soup.

Happy Mother's Day to you Rose

Sharon D. said...

This kind of meal is always satisfying to me.. like home-cooking. Local and good for the soul! ^.^

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Has been sometimes i had chai poh omelette, i should go get a packet of chai poh and cook it, hehe...