Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Every day

Every day I would prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of the days I will scratch my head thinking what to buy and cook. It is headache, knowing each one has their own preferences and tastes.

Some day when I am running out of ideas, I will go out and buy lunches and dinners. I have few preferred places to go to in MJC. The fast food, Chinese economy rice, chicken rice and Western. Got to make the meals interesting before my kids complain of boredom and repetition. Lol.

I spotted this new chicken rice shop few weeks ago. The shop is located at the next row of shops to Pizza Hut in MJC. I noticed the place was packed one afternoon so I reminded myself to try it one day.

Tian Tian Chicken Rice. Just next to Easymart. Tian Tian. Means "every day" in Chinese. Nay! As much as I love a good chicken rice, not an every day food for me. 

Last Saturday morning I went there with my 3 musketeers for lunch.

The place was clean and to my surprise, it was a pork-free eatery. And they do have an extensive menu; from steamed chicken, black pepper to curry chicken rice.  I thought they only serve steamed and roasted chicken but I were wrong.

Besides that they have few vegetables and lamb dishes to choose from too. Maybe  I will bring my hubby to try the claypot lamb one of these days.

They place their condiments on the table with their cutleries .

My girl had its butter chicken rice (RM6.50). She enjoyed it because of the crispy and buttery skin. I found the skin slightly tough for me.

Quite a portion of chicken on the plate. The chicken rice was mildly fragrant and soft, which I liked.

Ta-da. My nasi kari banjir (RM6.00).

They used the chicken rice instead of white rice. And all roasted chicken rice among the curry gravy.  They also gave me liver (which I did not touch), potato and fu chuk (which I find it was not soft enough).

I didn't really enjoyed this all-chicken curry rice. To me, nasi kari banjir is overloaded with goodness from steamed chicken, char siew, roasted pork, fried egg and long beans. Like what I had from this food court.

Jay wasn't hungry so I tapau him a roasted chicken rice for his lunch later. RM5.50 for  this normal chicken rice.

That is it. Our chicken rice lunch last Saturday.


suituapui said...

All look good, not expensive. I miss chicken rice banjir kuah carry. Only in Kuching, it seems?

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I will go for the butter chicken rice

Nancy Chan said...

Your girl's butter chicken rice looks good. I would prefer the curry chicken to be served separately (not banjir).

mun said...

I would like to try the lamb dish. I guess it is kuching style to serve chicken rice with curry and flooding the rice with curry.

Hayley said...

I love chicken rice, but because my mum in law cooks everyday, I hardly go out eat also..

Coffee Girl said...

I know this place! The chicken rice is good! :-) Hi Rose!

Merryn said...

So nice of you to cook 3 meals a day. I only cook dinner. Breakfast will be biscuits or bread. Lunch will be packed food. Only dinner will be homecooked by me or the boys. Hehe.

Phong Hong said...

The food look really good. I suppose when there is too much food, you will not enjoy it as much.

Sharon D said...

Nasi kari banjir looks really nice even though it didn't match the last one you had. Aah..but then the butter chicken rice looks yum too. Greedy me!