Friday, May 26, 2017

Miscellaneous Picture #66:Friday Clutters

It is Friday again! And what so special is that the 2  weeks of long school holiday has begun.

So no one is going to sleep early tonight, I bet. The youngest is now by my side on the bed while I am typing this post on my laptop. Look at him. Isn't him cute?? ^^

Jamie is in jovial mood

The kids were doing fine in their mid-term exam except BM and Chinese. Need to improve on these subjects especially Jay.  Glad that it was over and done with!

Last Saturday, I went to meet up with Jamie's teacher on his progress in kindergarden. They did assessment tests on him, and as I expected, he did not flair well. But I can't expect much from Jamie, since it is his first year in kindergarden. English and General is 57% while Chinese is 80+. He needs to improve on writing and words recognition. Teachers commented he was quiet in the class and did not talk or respond much to teachers. But he is otherwise at home. So how?

Guess what Jamie drew here

This morning, I did a bit of spring cleaning around the house. It has been a while since I did a major one. The last one was before CNY. So, clearing this, cleaning that and throwing that. Found this and that. Amazing how much things I forgot and remember along the way. Lol.

My love for Heinz 

Forget when this Chinese tea pot was bought

Current read

Found this book in my bookshelf. I read the first 2 chapters few months ago and forget about it. So I am going to get back to my reading mode now.

No special plan for the school holiday. Going to hang out with my kids at home most of the time. Maybe a house visit during Gawai festival.

Have a wonderful weekend and school holidays!!


Libby said...

Happy weekend and school holidays to you and your kids too

The book seems like an interesting read

suituapui said...

Maybe he doesn't like the teacher, the classmates, the environment? Can consider trying some place else. Anyway, kindy is not about studying and scoring - let the kids have fun, learn to socialise, get along with others and all.

Ez Vina said...

Yeay school holiday is here again!

mun said...

Yes, he is so cute! Wah, so young, the kindergarten gave him academic tests already?

Nancy Chan said...

Happy holiday to you and the kids. Don't worry about Jamie, he will catch up very soon, just a matter of getting used to school. I like your Chinese tea pot. Have a wonderful time with the kids.

Sharon D said...

I'm pretty sure Jamie will charm his way into his teachers' hearts soon. He's too cute!

How time flies. I think my home is due for some springcleaning too but I am reluctant!

Merryn said...

The teacher said Jamie needs to improve on his writing? Haha. Ayden don't even know how to write at all *shy*

That is a very lovely pictures drawn by Jamie. Very precise lines and shapes. I like it.