Monday, May 15, 2017

By the river

Bako village

On Wesak Day, we took a little drive to Bako for lunch. We went to this wooden restaurant by the river bank as we loved what we had the previous time we were there.

Bako Seafood Restaurant

Bako Seafood Restaurant, a well-known halal Chinese restaurant in this small village.

Bako Seafood Restaurant overlooking the fishing village across the river. It rained that early morning so the air was cooling and breezy when we arrived slightly before 10am.

The river was busy with activities. Small boats, tourist boats and other alike.

After a short view of the river bank, we went into Bako Seafood Restaurant and took a table. Some tables were reserved but there were some vacant one too.

After placed our order, I took few shots of the interior.

Most parts are on wooden floor but they have extended the kitchen area.

I had coconut juice to quench my thirst.

Soon, our food arrived. First dish was their famous deep-fried oyster balls. We loved it!!

The fresh oyster inside the thin crispy coating and it was great with their sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

Next was our belacan kangkung. So so appetizing and flavourful.

Another signature dish was this deep-fried taufu. Couldn't get enough of it.

We ordered this white pomfret with its special sweet sauce. Very nice.

Lastly was this fresh steamed prawns with garlic and Chinese wine.

It was a delightful lunch. We could even felt the breeze in the restaurant, and looking at the boats passing by every now and then from our table. So relaxing.

By the time we finished, it was just 11am. Yes, we did had a very early lunch that day. Something that we do sometimes over the weekend or holiday. Skip breakfast and do 2 heavy meals.


suituapui said...

When I went to Bako, it was not accessible by road. Bet it has changed a lot. I would love to try the oyster!!! Bet my girl would love that too!

Phong Hong said...

I would love to eat the deep fried oyster balls!

mun said...

fish for me! i love to eat seafood. must be such a tasty brunch for all of you.

Sharon D said...

Ayoyo ... I am loving all the food here. Mouthwatering stuff!
The ambience is nice too, kampung like that. Reminds me of home. :)

Nancy Chan said...

I love all the dishes you had. I want to try the deep fried oysters. Sounds like a wonderful place to enjoy your meal. Cool sea breeze and great food!

lina said...


reana claire said...

All the food above looks good.. seriously! Deep fried oysters.. I just had that in a buffet recently.. ate quite a number too!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Loves all the foods