Thursday, May 18, 2017

Missing onions and what's in the pot

After our delicious lunch in Bako, we then drove to 4 1/2 Miles for a visit to one of the nurseries there.

We bought new potted plants, fertilizers and soils that morning.

So once we were at home, hubby and I started with the gardening while 2 older kids went up to their rooms to study for their exams. Jamie entertained himself around the house while hubby and I sweat in the garden.

Then hubby told me to take some onions (shallots) from the kitchen as he wanted to grow spring onions. So I placed a plastic of onions on the car porch chair and did not bother with it till the time to place it in the soil. 

And oh oh! Where were the onions?? After searching high and low, finally I decided to call Jamie to come down. Why? Only him was around and if he had anything to do with the mssing onions, he would know.

So I asked him on the onions and the plastic. At first he nodded but then he denied it. But after a short interrogation, suddenly he made a big round around the living room and directed us to the fridge. He immediately opened the freezer and then the lowest compartment. He pointed to the compartment and ran to the staircase. 

Guess what?? The plastic of the onions was indeed in the compartment in the freezer! Hubby and I looked at each other and burst into laughters. While the little one was looking at us from the staircase, I said "thank you" to him and he replied me "You're welcome, mummy". He ran upstair to play.

We couldn't blame him. He tried to be helpful, in our mind, keeping the onions for us.  Just surprised that he kept them in the freezer, of all places. Lol.

So, we have solved the case of missing onions and continued with our garden.

One of the plants we bought from the nursery. I find leafy plants easier to plant and take care of than those with flowers.

This plant (below) was given by Small Kucing's mama; has been growing well but slowly. 

Another one from mamarazzi. Forgot what is this. Lol. Hmm. Wonder should I repot to bigger pot?

2 new pots of plants from the nursery.

And this pretty red-and-green leafy plant is chosen by Jamie. He insisted on buying one plant. Lol.


suituapui said...

Such a good boy! I plant spring onions too so I can have a regular supply.

mun said...

Wah Jamie is such a helpful and smart boy. He knows that food has to be kept in the fridge and he remembers where he put the onions. After being in the freezer, can the onions still grow?

Shirley Tay said...

Hahaha! That's so cute, dear! Such a sweet boy tho *_*

Merryn said...

So cute this Jamie. Haha.

Nice to do gardening together with your hubby. Mine wont even bother.

I always look for those onions that have sprouted and plant them.

Phong Hong said...

LOL! Your Jamie is so cheeky to keep the onions in the freezer :) He has got good taste in plants, I love the red and green leafy plant that he chose,

Regine Karpel said...


Yannie said...

My whole life, I never plant anything except the Pandan leaves that I need to use to cook dessert. Hahaha! I am too lazy to do gardening.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I no green fingers, plants that's comes to me sure go heaven...

Sharon D said...

Jamie is hilarious - I love that he's so cheeky! ^.^
I agree with you on planting flowers. That's why I go for leafy plants too except for orchids. Those are okay.

Nancy Chan said...

Jamie is a very thoughtful boy. He helped to keep your onions, only that he placed them in the freezer. Good thing you discovered them early or else you will have frozen onions. Your plants are all doing so well. My Adenium are not so healthy.