Friday, July 31, 2015

Tick tock

Yikes!!! How fast could time go? Just a blink and it is already end of July! Gosh! Where have all the times go to??

How was your July?

For me, July was full of events. We had an eventful Hari Raya holiday where we were busy entertaining a friend and same time we were the tourists in our city.

Kids had their bout of sickness this month and for Jamie, he has some long recovery time from his cough and sneeze. I dread when he is sick because he is one stubborn boy. He does not want to be fed with medicine. So that is why he takes longer time to recover and both me and him have sleepless nights.

And this month got to be one of the driest months as we were hit by dry spell so we have been visiting the pool quite regularly. However, thankfully the weather has cooled down since last week as we were getting more rain lately. As matter of fact, it rained the whole afternoon here. Rather cold today.

Hubby has decided to do something with his lumps on his back. It has been long overdue but glad he finally get down to it.

What is in store in August??

Expecting another busy month. Jan will have some school exam as well as sitting for her music theory exam.

And I have joined a Book Travelling Project and for the first time, we will have our book exchange next month. Am looking forward to receiving books from other members and get to read them.

Jay's birthday is coming up so we are planning a birthday party for him. Well, we did a birthday party for his sis this year so how could we left him out? 

That is it! More to come in August. *wink*


Nancy Chan said...

Hi Rose, looks like an eventful month for you. Over here the weather has also cool down a bit. Looking forward to your post on Jay's birthday soon.

suituapui said...

Yes, August is here! Looking forward to September - next school holidays! :D

Somewhere in Singapore said...

How times flies, today is August liao...

Linda said...

Rose, it looks like a quick and busy month for you! Your photo is lovely.

Yannie said...

Happy August, Rose. Just live each day to its fullest and stay happy.

mun said...

July was really eventful for you. Hope you will enjoy your august!