Friday, July 24, 2015

Dining moment with my family

It brought back sweet memories for them. Where family stays together and have great time and creating memories.

It was just last September that my brother and his lovely wife had their wedding reception in Hai Tin Lo restaurant in Jln Mendu and last Saturday we were back here to celebrate their birthdays.

I guess they love the food so much that they wanted to celebrate their special days here. 

Bro and sis-in-law's birthdays are a day apart so they decided to do it together and invited us to a birthday dinner last Saturday.

So after dropped our friend at the airport, we directly came here to join my side of the family. We were slightly late, which I've told my dad no need to wait up and proceed with food ordering. 

Our first main came just few minutes after we seated. We started off with spinach noodle Cantonese style. You could see that the noodle is green; made from spinach. Something unique as I do not see any restaurants serve such noodle other than the famous spinach and carrot noodles cafe in 3rd Mile.

Next came the crispy roasted chicken. It was good. Must sprinkle some lime juice sparingly over the chicken and it gives that tantalizing and acidic taste to the already-juicy and tender meat and crispy skin. I enjoyed it very much.

There was one dish that I did not snap, ie steamed bass as everyone started to dig into it before I could photograph it.

Another dish I enjoyed that night was this stir fried vegetables. I would recommend this if you are looking for something plainer and crowd-pleasing vegetable dish. Consists of French beans, lady fingers, snow peas and winged beans. Simple stir fried but they were so crunchy to munch. It was good to go with white rice.

If you are into butter prawns, this "golden sand prawns" is a must order here! Make sure you fork some of those butter crumbs. But watch out, as the prawns and crumbs could be warm from those frying. But they were so buttery and tasty, you will not regret it.

We also have a plate of mixed vegetables, which was nice but I think they could do more but cutting the cauliflowers into smaller biteable size.

Lastly we have this delicious roasted duck. The meat was so tender that it actually melt in my mouth! More like slow-cooked duck than roasted to me. I did not like the dipping at all as it has that sourness in it. I guess it is all based on individual preference.

It was a busy Saturday night in the restaurant and the waiters and waitresses were so busy running around so it was hard to catch the attention of the wait staff. Despite all this, it was an enjoyable family cum birthday dinner for us.

Happy birthday to my bro and sis-in-law. Wonder would there be a 1st anniversary dinner in this restaurant in a couple of months time??? *wink wink* 


Nancy Chan said...

Happy birthday to your brother and sister in law. Every dish looks so good. I always family gathering over a nice yummy meal.

Libby said...

All the dishes look so good, would love the chicken and duck.

Anonymous said...

I think this was the one my cousin went the other day - name sounds like some Hong Kong franchise. She says she still prefers Heritage.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your brother and SIL. Yes, I remember you flying back to Kuching for the wedding. Any baby yet? Can fight with yours next time. LOL!!!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Happy Birthday to your brother and SIL... Loves all the foods u all had...

Agnes said...

vegetable is a must, and so many types of green vegetable mixed fried together, I will try that idea too.

mun said...

Family bonding over good food is always a happy occasion.