Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thin & crispy crust pizza for lunch

I seldom go to The Pan Tree in Green Heights Mall for meal. Usually I did my grocery shopping in Cold Storage and leave.

However last Saturday after we did our shopping, we decided to take a peep at the food court and see what is interesting there. You bet, this was actually our first family lunch there!

I have been here few times with friends for lunch or tea break but that was such a long time ago. I like the look of the food court. Clean, bright and staff is friendly. However, not much choices as few stalls are open.

For lunch, we ordered this stone baked pizza from Tom's. I did not know Tom's Pizza is here! Apparently they have been in business here for over a year.

What did we have that afternoon?? Pepperoni pizza, everyone's favourite.

Pepperoni beef pizza (RM22)

The thin crust pizza was great. Cheesy too but I do not mind if they add more cheese. *wink* Overall, it was nice; crispy thin crust with herbs and cheese sprinkle on top.

And since it was a very warm day, I ordered this cooling drink from the drink bar.

I think, in the future when ever I or kids craving for pizza, I wouldn't mind come here for a pan! *wink*


Azura Chan said...

I also like to go to Green Height Mall. And always wondering the meals at The Pan Tree. Is it Halal for us?

Princess Ribbon said...

I can finish the whole pizza since the crust is thin, yummzzz.

Rose said...

As far as I see, no pork served there. Should be halal.

Ez Vina said...

Nice, long time did not go there d.

Anonymous said...

Drove past Green Heights, did not stop by.

Lee said...

Hi Rose, noticed your name at Coffee Girl's place and busybody over, also I once knew a very nice lady same name.
I long ago used to visit Kuching, Sibu, Bintul, etc on business trips. Love the places and its friendly people.

You know, I never really appreciated pizza till when I retired but wife working and fed up of making sandwiches for lunch I first time popped into a pizza shop, checked out the various pizzas...and ordered a pineapple pepperoni pizza. And enjoyed it very much. Thus today on and off I get one.

Love your pics here, well taken. With your Iphone camera?
You have a nice day, best regards,

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Rose, I love pizzas but seldom eat pizza because hubby doesn't like pizzas.

Merryn said...

So weird to eat pizza together with that drink. LoL. Macam East meet West. Haha. But the pizza does look good. Yums!

Emily Tang said...

the pizza in the shopping mall almost same price with kl here

Somewhere in Singapore said...

See the pizza makes me crave for it, hehe...