Friday, July 10, 2015

Beautiful blogger

I almost forgot about this till I dropped by Azura's blog this evening. So without further ado, I better get it done since I promised her I will share some facts about myself.

It has been ages since I received an award, so thank you Azura for the lovely gesture. However as usual, I will break the rule here. No tagging since I think everyone deserve this award as they are beautiful in their own way. Feel free to accept this award and tag yourself and others.

7 facts about yours truly that you may or may not know by now :

1. I am a book junkie (used to be a serial addict in the past before I got my hands full with babies!)

2. I am a huge fan of sports but not skilled in any; love watching sports especially tennis, badminton and gymnastic.

3. A shy girl during school days. Hardly talk much but excel in study. Only started to talk non-stop once I entered college.

4. Was in Bahasa Malaysia medium through primary and secondary schools. Spoke mostly Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Sarawak during school days. 

5. Totally in love with rose apples since a young girl. Can eat it as it is or dip into some sour plum powder.

6. Have short-sightedness and started to wear glasses at age of 11.

7. I love roller-coasters and all those adrenaline pumping rides! Dream of bungee jump in NZ someday.

Now you know me better?? *wink wink*


Libby said...

Hi Rose, didn't know you love roller coaster as you look like a demure girl, what a dare devil you are, hee hee, not for me cos I have a weak heart

mun said...

Thank you for letting us now you better. Nice photo! Hope you get to bungee jump one day.

Linda said...

Rose, I am so happy to hear that you won an award! Thank you so much for sharing more about yourself, dear friend.

suituapui said...

Roller coasters? Bungee jump??? Eeeeeeeee.....*faints* Muahahahaha!!!!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Thanks for sharing...

Azura Chan said...

Love your 7 facts! We have plenty in commons there. 😉

Agnes said...

you are a very adventurous person...I am just an opposite..but have some similarities as in facts no.1, 5 and 7.