Monday, July 6, 2015

Siniawan | A night food haven

Finally! We made a visit to this night food haven!

Actually I have been here few years ago on a Chap Goh Mei to pick my 2 kids when their ex-nanny brought them here for the CNY street parade. That time we were busy looking at the parade and did not have our dinner since we cooked at home.

So last Saturday, we made our visit here for dinner. It is about 30 minutes drive from the city. Only held on every Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm to 11pm, Siniawan has turned into a lively town at night with tourists and food hunters.

The big road poster

We were there around 615pm where early birds just came in but soon this small town was crowded with people.

As you can see, Siniawan is made up of these rows of old shops and this whole stretch of road was turned into an open-air food street.

The kids distracted me as they saw some people walking through this corridor in between 2 rows of shops. So we also followed and walked to see what is interesting.

I were mesmerised by the old wooden shops. Could not help but took shots of them.

Feel like transported back in time. Everything looks so old and ancient; not much changes along the time.

At the end of the path, we saw a small sampan carrying people across the river. We did not go for the boat ride though.

We came to Siniawan for the food so we shall fill up our hungry tummies. We seated just in front of this karaoke stage so throughout our dinner, we were entertained to some Chinese songs.

You need to pay to sing but the patrons were obviously enjoying themselves.

Soon it was dark and more crowds came. No more tables vacant.

Glad we were early. All food is self service. It means you ordered, paid and collected your food.

We had this grilled sambal fish (RM22.00) from the stall opposite to the karaoke stage. Not so bad and I enjoyed it. Not too spicy as I requested less sambal. I am still recovering from sore throat and cough so moderation is good.

This plate of rojak was nice. RM5.00 per plate and hubby specially requested more yue tiaw in the rojak. If they could have added more rojak paste, it would be nicer. Hardly much rojak taste to it at all.

Hubby had this braised pork belly rice for RM5.00.

The kids each had this tasty-looking fried noodle. RM5.00 per plate and quite a portion. Both cleaned up their plates so I guess either they were hungry or the noodle was good.

And before we left, we bought a pack of grilled corns home for supper.

That is it! Our very 1st Siniawan food hunting. 


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Bookmark this place...

Anonymous said...

Saturday and Sunday only. I will have to give this place a miss, I'm afraid. :( I hear you have to pay to sing karaoke! I'd like that! LOL!!!!

Yee Ling said...

Never hear about this place but certainly a nice share with us. Looking at the delish delicacies....oh yumms!

Linda said...

This looks like a really neat and fun place, Rose! I have never heard of customers paying to sing, but if they are enjoying themselves, then why not? :)

mom2ashley said...

This looks like a really nice place to go to with the family.

Princess Ribbon said...

The grilled sambal fish looks very hoi-wai.. I like.. Oooo I like the corn too, with lots of butter, yummzzz..

Nancy Chan said...

Rose, I love this place. Looks very interesting and what an experience eating in the open space on the road! They do preserved the wooden houses.

mun said...

The old wooden shops look like a scene from Tong Li, China. So quaint!

Sharon D said...

Beautiful place. I'm loving the old wooden shophouses! I'm bookmarking this place for a visit if I travel down. :)