Saturday, July 4, 2015

The convert

My girl is really into Japanese food now. She fell in love  with unagi last year when we dined in this outlet in Sibu. From that day, she will order the same dish every time we visit a Japanese eatery.

So now our young princess is a convert in Japanese cuisine. I do not mind. Japanese food is deemed healthier.

So if you ask my princess what would she likes to have, you could expect her to answer either Japanese or Western cuisine. Her two most favoured cuisine at the moment.

Last Saturday, my dad treated me and kids to a Japanese cuisine in this Bento Ramen in Brighton Square, Jalan Song.

Our 2nd visit here. Grandparents who have been very doting to the grandchildren will comply to their requests. My girl has been asking her gung gung to bring her for Japanese food. Since last Saturday, hubby has gone to Pontianak for a 2 days trip, we have dinner together in Bento Ramen.

It was Saturday night and thank goodness we managed to find a vacant table.  And we did not wait that long after placing our order, this tobiko sushi (2 sets of 2) came to fill up my hungry kids' tummies first. No, we did not order any sushi platter since we have our own main dishes.
Tobiko sushi (RM18)

Next in the line was my princess' favourite. Unagi don. She never grew tired of having this every time she dines in a Japanese outlet.

Unagi don (RM28)

We ordered this Tako Karaage (deep fried octopus) to try to. I think it was rather dry. Could not taste much seasoning to it. A spoiler.
Tako Karaage (RM16)

Dad had this delicious Yaki Kimchi Ramen. I like it as it has that mild kimchi taste to the fried ramen.
Yaki Kimchi Ramen (RM15)

I shared this Tempura Ramen in miso soup with my boys. Jay finished most of the ramen. There is no denial that he is a noodle person.
Tempura Ramen (RM20)

Everyone shared a bit of the deep fried tempura.

Tempura Ramen

I did not expect a phenomenal dining in Bento Ramen. It is just like other small eateries surviving and making another dining option and experience for Kuching residents.

Having said that, the food was acceptable and good. The staff was friendly and efficient. I do not mind to come again.


Nancy Chan said...

I need to learn to appreciate Japanese food! Happy weekend!

mun said...

I like to eat Japanese food. My choice too!

suituapui said...

Very expensive conversion, this one! My girl loves Japanese too, I don't mind...but it does not come cheap - gotta reserve for a special occasion...or once in a long while.

Ez Vina said...

My boy same age with ur gal, also loves japanese food, but cannot go too often, expensive la.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I like Unagi...

Shirley Tay said...

Love fried food, so my pick goes to the tako karaage! xoxo

mommyoftoo said...

Been a while since I last had a proper Japanese food. all the time Bento at Food Court. Huhu. Hubby not a fan of Japanese food.

It's comforting to know your kids like Japanese food. You were right about the food choice is much healthier.

ChrisAu said...

Your girl and I shared a common interest in Japanese food. I just had a bento too.

Azura Chan said...

I love Japanese cuisine too. And I love unagi too. 😋

Princess Ribbon said...

I always love Japanese food too, especially all kinds of sushis and fried stuffs.. And teppanyaki too..

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Sorry the octopus was a disappointment. Sounds like a good meal though.

Sharon D said...

Yummy. I have a love-hate relationship with Japanese food..haha.