Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Something good

Gone here for lunch after done some banking in a nearby bank.

This time, I tried its chicken rice stall.  I were pretty famished by the time I were out from the bank as I had little for breakfast that morning.

I saw the dessert advertisements pasted on every table tops and I were tempted to try them. After all, it was a very warm morning and that sound like a very valid reason to indulge in something cooling.

RM3.90 for this big bowl of dessert

I ordered its Set A out of 4 sets. It consists of grass jelly, barley and pearl. 

Ok, I am not so fond of those big chewy black pearls but I do not mind having in once a while. So, I got to mix all the ingredients and the shaved ice was underneath those 3 ingredients.  They mixed some flavours like Sarsi syrup in the ice. That was why the ice was brown in colour.

Thankfully my chicken rice came in a jiffy. And I instantly knew that this was a good Hainanese chicken rice by the look of it!

I have the drumstick part which costs more. RM4.50 for my chicken rice. I love the rice which was not too oily yet it was soft and nice.

The drumstick was soft and moist too. Quite a big portion of a drumstick. I enjoyed dipping the meat into the chili sauce and soy sauce but it tasted good by itself. 

If only they give me more of the dipping. I could finish a saucer of a good chilli sauce. Lol.


Anonymous said...

RM4.50 for chicken rice, cheap - so much chicken! These days, so hot - would probably just go to SCR for that, air-conditioned. No, thank you...none of those Taiwan desserts for me...

Libby said...

I also don't really fancy those chewy pearls, everytime I have Taiwanese Pearl Tea, I would opt out the pearls

mun said...

Normally for the ice like the one you ate here, the dark ice is made from some herb like leong fun. Yours is from sarsi? Quite weird.

Huai Bin said...

It looks good! :)

Now I'm craving for chicken rice. I've not eaten in a long time. RM 4.50 is a great price, usually I get it for RM 6 if I want drumsticks.

Oh ya, I think the dark ice is made from sarsi flavored black jelly right?

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Same with Libby, i will opt out of the pearls...

Sharon D said...

Mmm...the chicken rice does look yummy! ^.^