Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Seafood dining delight

Our friend only stayed for a night in Kuching so we brought him here for a taste of seafood for dinner.

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The famous halal seafood restaurant is still as famous and much sought-after for its delicious and fresh seafood and dishes.

I love looking through their fresh seafood and frozen section to see what they have to offer for the day.

After placing our order downstair, we proceed to our table upstair. I believe they have done some renovation and the place looks new. Still dimly lighted as before but the place look more modernised than before. I like the current look.

Luckily we made a table reservation as it was a holiday and we did not want to take chances. Soon the place was packed to the brim.

While waiting we were served with this prickled cabbage which reminded me much of kimchi.

We did not waited that long as we were the first few tables. The first main we ordered was this oyster pancake (o chien). Our friend enjoyed it very much. He never tasted a crispier and drier oyster pancakes as those in West Malaysia are wetter and different version. 

Oyster pancake RM18

Then the waiter served us our lo han chai (vegetarian dish) into individual serving bowls. Slightly salty for me. Taste-wise, it was fine.
Lohan vegetarian RM18

Initially we wanted midin but the vegetable has been booked by others, so we ended up with stir-fried yew chai. Nice and simple stir fried with garlic.

Yew chai RM15

They have tapah that evening so we choose a big slice of tapah and request it to be steamed Cantonese style for our friend. May not taste as great as how my MIL does but I like it.

Steamed fish RM46

This got to be my favourite dish of the night. Stir fried lokans in ginger and sweet sauce. Not much to dig in though but everyone liked it very much.

Fried ginger lokan RM25

The texture is like lala but bigger shells.

When I were a kid, they used to serve this baked cheesy seafood in crab's shells but now no more. Instead they serve in a pie tray.

Seafood pie RM24

It is a lot sweeter and moist than what I could remember. Taste like lokan from this restaurant but I think I prefer the lokan than this baked seafood pie.

Lastly, we have this kay-si mee (noodle) especially for the kids. Like the lo han chai, the noodle was salty and I hardly could finish my serving as by then I were full.
Noodle RM29

We actually paid the bill and left before they called hubby telling us that we missed out on one dish!! Roasted duck with buns! Gosh. How absent-minded was hubby since he was the one who ordered the food. So, we got to go back and collected the duck.

Overall, it was a sumptuous and enjoyable dinner although a couple of dishes were "over-whelming with msg". Total bill was RM250++ inclusive of drinks. The kids were well-behaved and eat their food. Even Jamie also warmed up to our friend and he was happily to be carried by him. That was something as Jamie is not so easily tricked to be hugged and carried by someone he is not familiar to.


Somewhere in Singapore said...

Mentioning about the baked cheesy seafood in crab's shell, makes me think of a relatives who has already passed away, when i was a kid, she used to made it...

trishie said...

The lokan dish looks good! Love clams

Princess Ribbon said...

All look so delicious, but my favourite gotta be that baked seafood pie.. I see cheese on top, yummzzz..

Anonymous said...

Thought of dropping by here that day but did not in the end. :( The seafood pie looks really good leh? I sure would want to try that! I loved the baked cheesey crab, something like this but crab meat and cheese in crab shell, baked. Used to get those at Heritage - dunno still got or not!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jamie will let me carry him or not. Went to my ex-student's anak's 1 year old birthday party that night. The boy would not even look at me, so sad!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

Merryn said...

The food looks so good. Ayden is like Jamie too, doesn't like others to carry him but to my surprised, several of my friends manage to lure him away using food as bait. I was so shocked! Scared even >_<

Ez Vina said...

Wahh thats a lot.

ChrisAu said...

I always love these fresh seafood restaurants and menu! In fact I thought of having seafood this weekend. :)

mun said...

So much seafood! How come they did not serve the duck even after all of you have finished eating? But they put the price into the bill when your husband went to pay the bill? So weird.

Midin booked by someone else. I guess midin is only available in limited quantity so have to prebook in order to get to eat it.

Huai Bin said...

OMG! Can't believe this place is still around! :)

I used to pass by this place on my way to 2 1/2 mile office from my Chong Lin Park home last time. I'm surprised at the prices, thought it was very expensive, only go for business meals and such.

It's not too bad, reasonable for KL standard, how does it measure up to the Pelita Carpark seafood? I usually go there (and also Pending, Buntal but those are quite far from town) since it's closer.

The food looks really good though...

Coffee Girl said...

you didnt order the famous hainanese prawn/crab with mantou, their signature dishes? Hehe...

Rose said...

No. No one thought of crab that night. I like its spicy Singaporean crab with mantau.

Rose said...

Yes. Pretty reasonable for seafood standard. Those in Topspot is expensive bcos of tourist spot.

Shirley Tay said...

Gosh, I love seafood! You must bring me along, ok? Hahaha!