Monday, March 10, 2014

Picture perfect baby moments

(This article is taken from Parenthood Feb 2005 edition.)

Babies change and grow so much especially their first year. To catch all these wonderful moments, here is what it takes for parents to know a little know how and experiences.
1. Use natural light
Picture taken without flashes and indoor lamps will keep baby skin from looking mottled when you take indoor photo with colour film.  Look for natural light from window.  Even on overcast days, enough light will get inside if it is reasonably bright outside.  Here are few hints:
  • turn off camera's automatic flash
  • watch where shadows fall.  surround the baby in a warm glow
  • act quickly as natural light changes consistently as day passes
2. Go for black and white
Baby skin seems perfect.  So why does it look blotchy when colour photos are developed?  The problem is the harsh light of a flash,.  A good solution would be using a black-and-white film.  It evens out skin tone and gives portrait a timeless feel.
3. Schedule photo sessions wisely
A happy subject makes better pictures.  Consider the times of day when baby is likely to be well rested and just fed.
4. Get close
Baby have such expressive faces and capturing those wide-mouthed smiles and saucer eyes is your main mission.  Zoom in or move up close so only face is in focus.
5. Seize the day
Keep a loaded camera handy when go out for walk or run an errand. Taken photos of your child enjoying everyday things are photo you will treasure in years to come.


Azura Chan said...

Great tips! My camera has been loaded with most of my daughter's face. hihi.

Merryn said...

I used my iphone to take all of ayden's pic coz it's always with me...

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Thanks for sharing...

suituapui said...

I always bring my digicam everywhere I go...but you people have your smartphone, not a problem at all.

Hayley said...

Very useful tips! I think I done most of them when taking baby's picture, lessons taught in photography class, hehe!

Princess Ribbon said...

Haha, I'm not a technical person.. Just simply use my hp snap snap snap, then choose a few nice ones to keep..

Small Kucing said...

for me i will simply hentam with multiple shots ...see if can get any lucky shots or not