Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bangkok 2014: Walk along Pratunam and Sukhumvit

Sawatdee ka!

Hubby and I arrived in the Land of Smiles around 4.45pm (local time in Thailand is 3.45pm).  Our flight from Sibu to KL was delayed for almost 30 minutes in the morning.

Nevertheless we reached LCCT around 1035am and we had almost 3 hours to spend before our afternoon flight to Don Mueang airport.

After checked into our beautiful hotel room in The Berkeley Pratunam, we went straight down to Sukhumvit street as hubby wanted to do his tux.  So we walked along the Pratunam street and caught a tuk tuk to Sukhumvit street.

For your info, Pratunam is a very busy area especially Petchaburi road which is amongst the hustle and bustle of Pratunam. Famous for fashion factory outlets, street markets, bazaars and armies of local vendors at road side. As for Sukhumvit, it is where the night lives are with clubs, bars, restaurants and shoppings lie. Just adjourning to Berkeley hotel is The Palladium World Shopping Mall. Too much to see on my first day!!

Pratunam street market

Back to my tuk tuk ride. It was after 5pm local time so it was pretty jam on the road. My very first time sitting in tuk tuk. Nice experience if you dont mind the dust and wind blown on your face. Lol.

Hubby is looking for this Narin Couture who is one of the top 5 best tailor in the province and after walking for more than 20 minutes along the Sukhumvit, we managed to locate the shop.  Indeed the tailor is very impressive as graduated from France and is fluent in English, he has many loyal customers from around the world.  We spent almost an hour there and paid around RM2000 (THB20000) for the tux, which will be ready and mailed to our Malaysia address in few weeks time.

After the tailor, we were pretty hungry as it was almost 7pm local time and our lunch was in the aeroplane.  You know, you can expect much from food in the aeroplane.  We ended up with a stall selling chicken rice and noodle soup. 

The seller is not English literate, so we have to use sign language and pointing here and there to show him what we want.  At least we get the message across and we have our meals in no time.  I could not remember when the last time I ate my food right at the side of the road.  The road was pretty busy as it was Saturday and many tuk tuk, rented motorbikes and vehicles passing through.  Hubby had chicken rice (which is pretty tasty with the chilli sauce) while I were having its spicy kueh tiaw soup.

After our THB800 dinner, we walked some more along the Sukhumvit street before we catched a tuk tuk to bring us back to our hotel.  For the distance of 15 minutes, the tuk tuk charged THB150. 

We did not go straight to our hotel room, but walked some more along the Pratunam street, looking at the vendors selling food, clothing, décor and so forth.  We just hunt for food and we ended up with some meat sausage (THB10), and deep fried crickets and worms (THB20 per pack).  I like the crickets more as it tasted like crispy snack. 

Before we called it a night, we chilled out in the hotel bar by having beers.  When were the last time I drink beer?  I don't remember.  Planned to go for a massage, but we were too tired so we called it a night.  Today is another day of more walking and sight seeing.  :)

p/s: For more value, do not change your currency in airport as it is more expensive.  Change some in your country and then some over here.  That is what most foreigners do here! The currency exchange outlets here open till pretty late at night!


mun said...

The hotel room is very big and nice too! Wow! You dare to eat cricket!!

suituapui said...

Eyewwwww!!! None of those creepy stuff for me, thank you.

reana claire said... much activities in one day! Surely I would be exhausted too.. hahaha.. interesting, Rose.. The tux is tuxedo? I remember being taken to one tux shop too the last time I was there.. but I cannot remember the name of the shop.. very impressive too..

Hayley said...

Pratunam is indeed a shopping heaven! I don't mind shop there for days, hehe! :p It's quite in the center and near to many shopping malls too! Platinum mall is also very nice to shop.
Do remember to try all the local snacks ya!

Yep, sure not worth to change money at airport, usually we go to local money changer.

Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...

Interesting! I haven't been to Pratunam before. Gotta hint hint my hubby. :P

Libby said...

Usually I will change some money in my country and when I reached there, if not enough, I will change again at the local money changer. Pretty good rates.

I love taking tuk tuk, windy and relaxing.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Normally i will change first before i go oversea...

Princess Ribbon said...

I love Pratunam.. I could walk for a few hours in Pratunam alone!

Ez Vina said...

wow Bangkok! We were there 9 years ago, great place for shopping.

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