Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pattaya 2014 | Walking feet

We over stressed our feet on 2nd day in Pattaya (19/3), as we strolled along the Pattaya Bay coast. Initially planned to rent a motorbike and drove around Pattaya but after all the walking, we decided that walking is better. We can see more and it was a good exercises. Of course, our poor feet were worked to the limit as we walked for more than 3 hours on 3rd day. The day before we went for full body massage for 2 hours (THB45). I think all gone down the drain. Lol.

From Sabai resort, the beach is just about 15  - 20 minutes walk. We did not go for swim as it was damn hot. The sun here was very warm even around 8am! Many tourists were sun-bathing on the sandy beach. Sun block is a must. And I think I got myself a tan too! *wink*
Yours truly on the beach

Sun-bathing folks

(Far away) That was our destination -Pattaya city view point, on the hill top

Stopped by Hard Rock shop for its Pattaya Hard Rock tee

Along the way, we stopped at Hard Rock shop, then lunch at Baywalk Restaurant and 15 mins fish spa (THB10) and a tailor shop just before Walking Street.

Tingling sensation when the fishes feed your feet

Red curry

Beef fried rice

Maybe we were too hungry, the beef fried rice tasted nice. We ordered non-spicy red curry. I preferred the red curry than green curry where the Thais love to add green chillies in their green curries.

View of the beach from Baywalk restaurant

Walking street is a very "happening" street with mostly populated by A Go-Go outlet. It is men' heaven on earth. Lol.

A meaningful signboard on a pub

The welcoming arch to the a go-go, bars and pubs street

The Walking street is an old and colourful street

We walked all the way to the bottom of Pattaya view point which is at the end of the beach and where pier is located. 

We were too tired to walk back so we took a tuk tuk (THB10 per person), a pick up truck that works like a mini bus, where you can hop in and out at any places you want.

Our feet was wobbly after the long walk and I felt they were numb and senseless when we gone for a foot massage centre. There were so many massage parlours to choose. Just don't hop into those big parlours as most of them are not only offer massages but other services as well. Those small shops are much better. THB200 for 1 hour foot massage. Better than those in Malaysia which most masseurs are from China and cost RM25 for 1 hour.

Overall in Thailand we went for 1 body massage and 3 foot massage session. I like Thai massages!


suituapui said...

Ooooo...Thai curry! I like!!!

mun said...

So good to read that you are enjoying yourself to the fullest! I don't think I have eaten beef fried rice before.

reana claire said...

I also had my foot massage in Pattaya.. 20rm for one hour... my girl went for the body massage and she was giggling all over the one hour.. geli.. she said... hahaha...

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Body massage and root massage, i like, hehe...

Somewhere in Singapore said...


Princess Ribbon said...

Never had a chance to visit Pattaya before.. Only eaten Pattaya fried rice!! Hehe.. Thanks for sharing the pictures.. Ok, feel like 'already been' there liao..

Angeline BK said...

I want the massage badly...

Hayley said...

Pattaya is a great place to walk around! I miss the Thai massage there, so cheap!

Yee Ling said... really enjoy to the max ya. Nice

Libby said...

I have not tried Thai massage before, would like to try if I go Thailand again.

I also prefer red curry.

Libby said...

I like photo #8, the beach with the coconut trees, nice scenery.